Friday, October 28, 2005

Phatasmagorical Phive

1) Favorite Halloween Candy -- Candy corn and those peanut butter taffies that come in orange and black wax paper twists. And, of course, anything CHOCOLATE!

2) Least Favorite Halloween Candy -- Raisins. They aren't candy, WHICH IS MY POINT. Why do people try to appease their consciences by giving out healthy snacks? It's a sugar fest--get with the program.

3) Best Costume Ever -- Sadistic nun, complete with whip and stompin' boots.

4) Worst Costume Ever -- Probably something from my childhood, one of those awful constumes with the plastic face masks held on by a thin string of elastic. Made your face hot and sweaty and you couldn't see properly.

5) Saint -- I don't know much about saints. Sorry.


  1. I LOVE raisins :) esp chocolate covered ones. Send them here !!!

  2. Worst than raisins -- the people who give out apples. I used to hate that. I mean, I love apples but not after they've been bumped and bruised and been rolling around in a bag of candy all night. An apple makes your bag too heavy too.

  3. jo(e) is totally right! I also love candy corn. Can't stand the peanut butter things, however. I love the little rolls of "smarties" too.

    Tell us more about the nun costume!!

  4. What about pennies? I used to always get pennies.