Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Delurking Week

I followed the RevGals and placed this image on your blog and announce Delurking Week, starting today and going until November 26th. When you visit a blog, you can either just say "Thank you for blogging" or place a blogstone (o) (The invention of PPB of The Ice Floe) or whatever verbage the Spirit moves you to leave.Let the Delurking begin!


Does anyone bother coming 'round anymore? I haven't had a chance to reflect enough to be witty or even dour and grumpy. Work gets in the way, or I've grown more responsible and stopped sneaking blogtime. This nagging respiratory infection gets in the way. And now we're off to Los Angeles, so I won't be blogging over the holidays.

I am not looking forward to negotiating the airport with a 6 year old and a 4 year old and a carryon full of medicines. Since I sound like I have consumption, I'm sure to make the day of my fellow travelers. My doctor swears everything is clearing up. But now I have a sore throat. And Firecracker is starting to cough (ominous, ominous--I don't want to visit an LA ER). On the other hand, I do have a bottle of codeine cough syrup. Maybe I'll have a happy flight after all.

Friday, November 17, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Thankfulness

What I’m grateful for:

1. My Dear Husband. He’s my best friend and cheerleader. He does an enormous amount to keep our household running, even while working, going to school, and suffering from sometimes severe pain. He’s thoughtful and tender and has a great sense of humor.

2. DramaQueen and Firecracker. My girls are amazing. How did I live for years thinking I would never want to have children? Raising them is a journey I am glad I didn’t miss.

3. My job and coworkers. I am so lucky to work at a job where the management is understanding of the need to take off time for doctor appointments and family events and unexpected emergencies. My coworkers teach me so much about living a Christian life. They are caring, warm, and joyful.

4. Medicine. We use a lot of it in my household. Our family keeps the local Walgreens in business. All the medicine that Firecracker takes to keep her asthma at bay and her seizures controlled and her thyroid levels functioning. The meds my husband takes to stave off pain and repair his bladder. The meds I take for depression and mood swings. The steroid shot I had yesterday to finally clear my sinuses. I still thank God for the NICU where Firecracker stayed for 2 months after birth. Not that long ago she would have had no chance of surviving. The nurses and doctors who care for these small babies have my highest admiration.

5. Books. Books are among my greatest pleasures. Bookstores and libraries are among my favorite places.What I’m grateful for: