Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Yesterday 5 year old learned to draw stars. She was very proud of herself and offered to teach me to draw a proper star. She thought I did a very good job. All evening she worked drawing stars on a sheet of paper. As I got 3 year old into her pajamas, 5 year old sat at her table in deep concentration. “Come on,” I said, “you have to get into your night clothes.” She slowly shook her head, still intent on her paper, and said in wonderment, “I’m just ‘sessed with stars.”

In the bathroom I was brushing 3 year old’s teeth and 5 year old continue to draw on her paper, now on the bathroom counter. I said, “Can we interrupt the construction of constellations to brush your teeth?” “No ma’am,” she replied, “We are closed forever.”


  1. You gotta love a kid that can be 'ssessed with stars!

  2. thanks for posting. Is the denomination you're working with EPC or something else? I attended an EPC church for awhile in Columbia, Missouri, on its way to mega church for sure. please explain the "still jewish" thing...I'm very very interested.

  3. We got Ella some sort of stencil sheets and one of them has a star in it, so she's been drawing stars incessantly too. I don't think she's quite as 'sessed, but it's amazing how many pages of paper she can fill up with them.

  4. I remember learning to draw stars. I thought I was so smart and cool.Hooray for a milestone!