Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Little Fun

The server is down at work, and I’m stymied. Everyone is, because everything is on the network.

So, let me just say what a delightful few days we’ve had. First, we’ve had some good news from Jeff’s urologist, who does not think we need to rush into surgery. More about that on his blog, Still Jewish. Then I had such fun with the girls over the weekend. Our Saturday routine is for me to take Five-year-old to Drama (oh, yes, this is perfect for her) and go with Three-year-old to the library next door to the school. And on this day my drama queen got to dress up in her Halloween costume as a rock star, and so did little sister, who headed off to the library in butterfly wings.

I love libraries in the first place, and libraries on Saturday mornings are very peaceful. At least until we get there. Three-year-old has not learned to modulate her voice very well when she’s excited, and there’s so much to be excited about in the three-year-old world, like drinking fountains and the book return. She picked out three books on gorillas. I don’t know why she has a sudden interest in gorillas, but I’m happy to encourage the slightest interest in any thing science-y. Thankfully, the library has avoided stocking a bunch of Disney princess and Barbie books. I found the most beautifully illustrated Rapunzel book by a Paul Zelinsky. Gorgeous pictures modeled on Renaissance paintings.

After drama class, I took the girls to a trick or treat event in one of the local parks. Free food, a trick-or-treat trail through the woods, and gorgeous weather—what could be better? And of course, lots of cute kids in costumes, including a baby dressed as a lobster.

Sunday afternoon we all went to another park so that Five-year-old could ride her scooter, which she is rapidly outgrowing. Of course there was some squabbling over the scooter, but as usual they managed to work out terms for sharing. Another beautiful day, concluded with ice-cream. Sigh.

Trick-or-treat was great fun. By this time Five-year-old had so much glitter embedded in her hair that she should sparkle for a few years. Three-year-old didn’t want anything to do with her costume and was terrified of the decorations at the first stop, and I had to carry her for pretty much the entire trek. Dear Hubby wanted to carry her but she was concerned: “Daddy hurt!” She did perk up enough to hold out her pumpkin for her treats, of course. The amazing thing is that each was content with one piece of candy before bed.

Ah, the server is up again, just in time for lunch—whee!


  1. I'm glad to hear there was fun and better news!

  2. Good news and great fun! Is there anything better than little kids in costumes??? Okay, maybe dogs in costumes...but other than that?

  3. Thank God for small pleasures like this! What a great way to spend a day. I'm really glad for your husband's good news as well.

  4. So, the purpose of having everything on the server is to increase productivity?

    I'm glad the surgery can be put off. (I said a prayer last week.)

  5. Trick or treat for us included being a black cat (Kid), being a bigger black Copy-Cat (me), and giving out candy as cat and Copy-Cat. Luckily the asthma/RAD whatever didn't intervene and much candy was enjoyed by all.

  6. a baby as a lobster


    do you safe the candy - one piece a day until ??? that's neat!

    thanks for sharing this marvellous weekend. I loved the library story and well all of it really

    great kids and great family
    My heart went out to Jeff though with the *Daddy hurt* and am praying for full restoration of health.

    PS hope the server crashes again so we get more beautiful insights. oops !

  7. As a children's book illustrator, I loved reading this post. And, I'm a big fan of Caldecott winning illustrator Paul Zelinsy.

    I remember the glitter-haired days when my daughters were little girls. They're grown now, and my son won't be doing any glitter anytime soon.