Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christ and Homosexuality

I don't have anything intelligent, odd or humorous to offer, so I thought I would link to someone else's intelligent comments instead. So if you bothered to stop by at least you won't have wasted your time. The following neatly lays out four approaches Christians take in thinking about homosexuality and faith:

The comment is from Zoecarnate, in case you want to check out his blog.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Holiday-ness

1. I finally saw Twilight, and I really really enjoyed it. I liked it so much I wondered if the critics have an aversion to either vampires or teen romances. Oh well, I liked Nativity Story, too. The director seems to have an interest in the world of teen girls that I find heartening. I guess there's a teen girl in me who feels all fluttery over a story of star-crossed lovers. Dear Husband went with me. He hasn't read the book, so I wasn't sure what he would think. He thought it was pretty good, although it wasn't clear to him why Bella falls for Edward. That was fairly compressed in the movie. Anyway, if Dear Husband is reading this, a DVD and a boxed set of the Twilight Books make excellent gift options. Hint hint.
2. I caught up with an old friend yesterday--L., it was great to see you!
3. We have American Idol for the Wii. Dear Husband and I got it out of desperation, as our only options on Disney SingIt have been Hannah Montana songs and such. We can now sing YMCA and Vacation. I achieved Diamond status with my rendition of Losing My Religion. Bow.
4. I think the girls don't give two flips about Girl Scouts. Why did I bother?
5. I'm so glad I have today off.

Friday, January 16, 2009

RevGals Friday Five: Take Me, Baby, Or Leave Me

From Songbird: "Whether it's new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?"

1. I like the beginning of a job or task when the learning curve is steep. After that, I get bored easily. Very easily. If it doesn’t interest me, I find it nearly impossible to stay focused. I need frequent breaks to do something unrelated. Without a challenge, I have no motivation at all. I’m not one of those people who can just plug away because they have a great work ethic. Nope. When I’m bored, I spend all my time trying techniques to keep me on task and to avoid distractions. They usually don’t work. I need a deadline (a REAL deadline imposed by someone else) to get me to kick into action.

2. Despite the fact that I get bored easily, I’m not much of a risk taker or adventurer. I am deeply introverted and cautious in my actions. I’m talkative at times, but I don’t like new situations or social gatherings very much.

3. When I am reading, if you talk to me, I probably won’t remember what you said, even if it looks like I’m listening. Reading is more than a diversion, more than entertainment, more than insight and knowledge. It’s even more than a passion. Reading will soothe me when nothing else will. Libraries and bookstores are two of my favorite places to be, places where I feel absolutely safe and in my element. I love to be surrounded by books. I love the smell of them, the covers, the variety. I will not listen to a book on CD—I want to hold it in my hands.

4. I appear to be very obliging and “normal,” but my thoughts tend to be rebellious, anti-authoritarian, sardonic, skeptical and cynical. I usually don’t trust the people in power—at times that includes God—and I’m generally on the side of the person with no power. I don’t understand why people value obedience so much, as opposed to questioning and resisting. How can you know who deserves obedience unless you test them?

5. I have no leadership skills whatsoever. I mean it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anxiety, dread, and depression

It’s one of those days when my mood suddenly turns on a dime. I was going along, bored but getting things done and feeling generally positive, when I suddenly found myself sliding down the mountain of self doubt. All my choices seem suspect. All my talents have been buried, misused, or never existed at all. Every event seems like a hurdle, from the smallest to the largest. It’s just a mood, I tell myself. It will pass. But really these sorts of moods suck the joy out of everything and replace it with anxiety and dread. I have enough anxiety and dread on the good days without more taking root.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Musical Confession, Or How I've Been Influenced by Disney

When we got the Wii for Christmas, my BIL also sent a gift card so we could buy some games. One of them, chosen by Firecracker, was Disney SingIt, which has songs by a number of Disney stars, including, of course, Hannah Montana and a bunch of High School Musical numbers. I have to confess that I enjoy a lot of these songs. Grownups are supposed to think they're cheesy and that none of the performers can sing or have any talent. But gosh darn it I like these kids. Here's one of my favorites:

And then I ran across this, which I thought was pretty awesome: