Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dear Lorna

I was so very moved this morning when I visited Lorna at See Through Faith and found a special post about my Dear Husband and our situation. I felt my prayer time, such as it was this morning (some drowsy time in the car before work), was muddled and disconnected, so it was special to find God delivering a message to me in a way He knew I could understand in my tired and headachy state. You can read her post here.


  1. Alice,
    I've been a bit out of the loop, and only went back and read about your DH's situation this morning. Your family is added to my prayer circle.

  2. Alice,
    It's my privilege to pray for healing for Jeff. At our Bible study we prayed for him this evening and also for a lady whose cancer has just returned.

    we prayed with confidence to God that Jesus of Nazareth can and does heal even today.

    I'm glad what I wrote brught you comfort and encouraged you out of "tired and headachy state" I can only image how horrible this is also for you - to see the pain, to worry about all the implications, and feel so helpless.

    That's where being part of the body of Christ can - and should - be very special. You and Jeff are my siblings-in-Christ. We've never met - but will oneday before the throne of Grace - ofcourse in this life would be fun too.

    I'll be out of touch for a few days, but still prayerfully connected.

    Be blessed :)