Friday, January 16, 2009

RevGals Friday Five: Take Me, Baby, Or Leave Me

From Songbird: "Whether it's new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?"

1. I like the beginning of a job or task when the learning curve is steep. After that, I get bored easily. Very easily. If it doesn’t interest me, I find it nearly impossible to stay focused. I need frequent breaks to do something unrelated. Without a challenge, I have no motivation at all. I’m not one of those people who can just plug away because they have a great work ethic. Nope. When I’m bored, I spend all my time trying techniques to keep me on task and to avoid distractions. They usually don’t work. I need a deadline (a REAL deadline imposed by someone else) to get me to kick into action.

2. Despite the fact that I get bored easily, I’m not much of a risk taker or adventurer. I am deeply introverted and cautious in my actions. I’m talkative at times, but I don’t like new situations or social gatherings very much.

3. When I am reading, if you talk to me, I probably won’t remember what you said, even if it looks like I’m listening. Reading is more than a diversion, more than entertainment, more than insight and knowledge. It’s even more than a passion. Reading will soothe me when nothing else will. Libraries and bookstores are two of my favorite places to be, places where I feel absolutely safe and in my element. I love to be surrounded by books. I love the smell of them, the covers, the variety. I will not listen to a book on CD—I want to hold it in my hands.

4. I appear to be very obliging and “normal,” but my thoughts tend to be rebellious, anti-authoritarian, sardonic, skeptical and cynical. I usually don’t trust the people in power—at times that includes God—and I’m generally on the side of the person with no power. I don’t understand why people value obedience so much, as opposed to questioning and resisting. How can you know who deserves obedience unless you test them?

5. I have no leadership skills whatsoever. I mean it.


  1. oh yes books smell and feel good, I hate giving books away, and can get quirky about lending them.... CD's pah!!!!

  2. Your comment about valuing obedience as opposed to questioning is very interesting to me. I feel that I am attracted to Judaism in one sense because following many of the rituals (rules) such as lighting candles on Friday or keeping Kosher (very lightly) connects me with the past, the future, and with other Jewish people around the world. There is a certain comfort to that sense of connectedness. On the other hand, I am also attracted to Judaism because the study of Torah involves asking questions and exploring different possible answers, much of which is recorded in the Talmud, but which continues even after the Talmud was finished. The process of thinking and questioning is what is important, rather than coming up with THE answer.

  3. Lisa Satin: I like that the Jews don't even touch heaven.

    1. I am an introvert and am not ashamed.

    2. Talk of end-times makes me shut down, as preterism makes more sense to me.

    3. My idea of sin is more limited than most.

    4. Loving people is more important to me than witnessing or rules.

    5. Listening to music is vital; reading is a passion; and writing helps me understand myself, the many characters in my head and almost all aspects of life and of people. It doesn't always work, though.

    P.S. Obedience makes my skin crawl. I'll admit that sometimes it is less productive, but questioning can never hurt.