Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Holiday-ness

1. I finally saw Twilight, and I really really enjoyed it. I liked it so much I wondered if the critics have an aversion to either vampires or teen romances. Oh well, I liked Nativity Story, too. The director seems to have an interest in the world of teen girls that I find heartening. I guess there's a teen girl in me who feels all fluttery over a story of star-crossed lovers. Dear Husband went with me. He hasn't read the book, so I wasn't sure what he would think. He thought it was pretty good, although it wasn't clear to him why Bella falls for Edward. That was fairly compressed in the movie. Anyway, if Dear Husband is reading this, a DVD and a boxed set of the Twilight Books make excellent gift options. Hint hint.
2. I caught up with an old friend yesterday--L., it was great to see you!
3. We have American Idol for the Wii. Dear Husband and I got it out of desperation, as our only options on Disney SingIt have been Hannah Montana songs and such. We can now sing YMCA and Vacation. I achieved Diamond status with my rendition of Losing My Religion. Bow.
4. I think the girls don't give two flips about Girl Scouts. Why did I bother?
5. I'm so glad I have today off.

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  1. Twilight the movie was good, although I liked its trailer better. It doesn't make much sense unless you read the book, but I still enjoyed the weird camera angles. I also liked the camera work in the sequel, just not the movie itself.

    I sometimes don’t know what to think about the books. On the one hand, they’re a great distraction. On the other hand, the plot holes and general fluffiness detract from the experience. I couldn’t care less about it being “anti-feminist,” but I didn’t like the character of Edward, and most of the time Bella struck me as the perfect Mary Sue.

    I remember the first time I heard about Twilight. At the time, I didn’t really read vampire stories. But my best friend was a fan, so when I saw it at Borders on the shelf in front of me, I picked it up. I guess I should have read more than the excerpt, but it was closing time and my mother was already heading for the cash register. Consequently, when I finally did read it, I was somewhat disappointed. I had gotten it in my head the idea of a modern cautionary tale; I thought the book would be about a girl who falls in love with a vampire only to have him kill her. My favorite author was Robert Cormier after all, and his protagonists never win. But it ended up being a romance, and I don’t like romance novels.

    I had to read it again before I could appreciate Meyer’s vision, but I still have reservations about it, especially with my distaste of the two main characters. However, I can't say they were bad, nor can I judge other people's opinions of them.