Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Having Nothing Better to Do, Some Eye Candy

Well, actually I do, but this is more entertaining--I decided to rank the sexiest men I can think of (except Dear Husband, who beats them hands down. Of course.) I don't have his picture here to prove it, but he is a cutie.

Actually, this isn't a ranking, since I'm not putting these fellows in any particular order, but thought I would just ramble aimlessly until I ran out of steam. So to speak.

First, there is Colin Firth. Those of you who fondly remember the wet shirt episode in the BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice, know how very effective understatement can be in conveying a . . . mood. I also unabashedly love the Bridget Jones movies, much to Dear Husband's disgust. (Really, he's one to talk, given that he ogles the Victoria Secret models.) One of my coworkers told me that her sisters actually have an adjective--firthy--to describe a particularly good looking man.

Next, there's Alan Rickman. To my delight I have discovered that there are whole websites devoted to Slytherin House and Severus Snape. Just proves that a bad boy is always attractive. But I first saw him in An Awfully Big Adventure, which also featured Hugh Grant, who will not be included in my list, as I do not find him wildly attractive. Rickman was also in Sense and Sensibility, and if that little snippet had any taste she would have seen from the first that he was much preferably to that fellow with the tight perm. This photo is probably rather old--I skipped the ones in which he's starting to look like Yoda, but he still manages to look dangerously appealing as Snape.

I move on to Hugh Laurie. I adore this actor. I have the BlackAdder series, in which he plays the nincompoop Prince of Wales (not the current one, but the one under Mad King George), and I've rarely laughed harder. House is now one of my current favorite TV shows. He's so mean and sarcastic--inaccessible men are just madly attractive. I had a teenage crush on Sherlock Holmes, for example, and you can't get more inaccessible than that.

Not too long ago I saw the movie Amazing Grace. What a great film. Couldn't figure out the timeline at all. Couldn't figure out how a woman could spend an entire night in conversation with a man without ruining her reputation. Couldn't figure out why Rufus Sewall didn't get a haircut, or why he suddenly appeared in one scene walking through the fields holding a baby. Was it his child? Or was he just taking a friend's infant out for a discourse on nature? Anyway, this entire film was about the incredibly gorgeous Ionn Gruffud. I mean, it was about abolition, too, and that Wilbeforce was one terrific guy, particularly since he looked like this:

Finally, my latest acquisition. I've always been a fan of Numbers. I love the way shows like Numbers and CSI have to casually insert huge swathes of explanation to move the plot forward, all the while making the delivery look natural, and none of it makes sense but somehow you feel that you understand it. David's character is always having brilliant breakthroughs that make no sense at all, but he's so cute explaining them. They need to stop fiddling with his hair, though. Geniuses are supposed to have messy hair, for petes sake. But, I think it was his performance as Mr. Universe in Serenity that landed David Krumholtz on my list of extremely attractive men. How could you not love a man who with his last breaths provides essential information to his comrades by recording it on his life-size electronic love doll? Sheer genius.


  1. You do realize that you can enjoy both Mr. Firth and Mr. Rickman in Love Actually? Also Mr. Hugh Grant, whom I really, really don't want to find attractive, and Mr. Liam Neeson, whom I don't mind finding attractive at all.

  2. How could I forget Love Actually? Well, I have to admit that I've forgotten entirely the story line involving Rickman. Remember Firth and his courtship of a Portuguese lady, and of course Hugh Grant as Prime Minister (yeah, right). I've also forgotten Liam Neeson. I have a feeling I was trying to watch this movie during one of Firecracker's many sleep disordered nights. Those are over, thank goodness. I realized today that I left out some other rather attractive people, the second tier, I guess. Perhaps I can get to them today.

  3. Paul:

    Who should I add? Actually, I started a part two yesterday, lost forever to some blogger infirmity. I may try again, if I can get blogger to cooperate.

  4. But I am too modest to mention his name, LOL...

  5. Okay, Paul, you can be honorary eye candy. Ladies (or gents, or any combination thereof), enjoy.

  6. Firth, Rickman and Laurie...I'd totally go straight for.

    Rickman, in particular, is pretty stalker worthy.

    Thanks so much for your visit to the SMB! I've seen you around Paul's.

  7. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    You know how I feel about Colin. Alan Rickman TOTALLY does it for me. "Truly Madly Deeply"...even with that 'stache he's dreamy. Even as Professor Snape he's dreamy.

    Thank heaven for eye candy.