Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh, as if stage 0 cancer weren't enough for one family

now Dear Husband appears to have shingles. In a very sensitive area, right in the groin (all you men go "ouch"). I've had shingles (over my eyes--had to go to ER on Christmas Eve to make sure I didn't go blind). My first husband had shingles, too. Wow. I'm kind of a foci of shingles.

Now, let's see--Dear Husband is in excruciating pain (and it's only going to get worse--I should know! and I still can't lift anything over 5 pounds.

Perhaps I should stay part-time for another week.


  1. You take it EASY sis ... I'm sorry I didn't know any of this (out of it recently) but know I am NOW praying for your recovery.

    I was so encouraged to hear how the money had poured in when you needed it most.

    Jehovah Jirah - God our provider indeed.

    Hugs and heaps of blessings to you my friend.

  2. Wow, you are just getting hit on all sides. My mother had shingles on her eyes - twice - and said she'd rather give birth than to go through that again...

    I'll be praying for you both this weekend.