Friday, May 11, 2007

Some Good News

Well, the doc says Dear Husband does not have shingles but a really really bad yeast infection. I think his words were, "Even women don't get it this bad." Or, if it doesn't go away in a few days with treatment, the doc says, then it's shingles after all.

Sometimes the clarity of medical science is just amazing.

Numbers is on tonight!


  1. I wonder how that happens?

    Maybe just a bad Yeaster egg.

  2. I feel for him. I get those on my skin because of all the prednisone. Use the powders as well as the pills. The pills take a long time. I find cutting sweets out seems to help. Try not to scratch...the stuff spreads.

  3. Paul: groan--couldn't pass that up, huh?

    Nicole: thanks for dropping by again.

    Rosie: Yep, he was on a course of prednisone. He doesn't take it regularly, so he must be sensitive. The box of red cherrie bites probably didn't help.

  4. Oh, that's good news. Hope he's right as rain very soon.