Sunday, May 20, 2007

Candy Crisis Averted

I finally found some nice Brazilian woman's recipe that made some modifications and cleared up something. I guess in Brazil, Nesquick is just cocoa powder, not the noxious drink we stir up for our kiddies. With real cocoa, a microwave, and a touch of cornstarch (bless you lady, wherever you are--you're a genius), I was able to whip up the brigadeiros and DramaQueen sold every last one of them. They were using "Brazilian bucks," so I'm not sure what benefit that was to us. But it's done.

And now the shocker--school's out on Wednesday. I had completely forgotten this, despite getting the notice of Firecracker's "moving up" ceremony and the other various notices and warnings. It was the packet from summer camp that finally put me in my right mind. And reminded me that there's a gap of two days between when school ends and camp starts. Why--are the public schools and daycare in cahoots? I have a list of items to purchase for camp (and this isn't sleepaway camp) and all sort of forms to fill out, and I'll have to get the uncooperative pediatrician to print out the immunization forms (they can't be bothered to fax them). When did I think I would do all this? I haven't even asked if I can take the morning for Firecracker's ceremony.

And on my birthday, I get to visit the oncologist, to see if I need to be on something nasty to keep these hormone receptive cells from appearing in the other breast. I also have a sinus infection and my right side hurts when I sleep. My doctor has me doing "nasal irrigation" which although it isn't painful is really weird. It would be nice if the oncologist could do double duty and prescribe an antibiotic while I'm there.

On the positive side, and something I forgot to mention while I was in the land of percoset and valium, DramaQueen gave Dear Husband a hand-made birthday card that began: "Dear Old Person".


  1. Is it just me, or should they call it something besides "nasal irrigation?"

  2. Oh my goodness. As if it wasn't all a little much before.

    You remain in my prayers, BA...

    Dear Old Person... I'm sorry but that is just hilarious lol!

  3. Nasal irrigation isn't a very pleasant term, is it? And you have to really like someone to watch them do it. Ugh. It also doesn't seem to be working.

  4. Glad the sweets were a hit...the things we have to do for those kids, I tell you...

  5. dear old person lol love it

  6. hi, bad alice. i really hope your health gets better soon.