Monday, November 02, 2009

Blah di blah

I guess there's some sort of bloggy challenge this month, to post every day. I've already missed the first of the month, but then it's typical for me to be late out of the gate. Actually, I'm stalled. Just sort of hanging out. I was working on writing two different things, and then I had one of those dreadful situations. I looked over them and they felt false, and not in a good way. And then I thought perhaps they were a bit too revealing, but also not in a good way. You know when you're cornered by someone who wants to tell you about their suppurating wound, you don't really relish their gift for vivid description.

So, really, there's partly a question of courage, because I'm avoiding looking at them, because they seem rather silly, and I have to carve out the bits that struck me as false without completely whitewashing everything. So that I look presentable.


  1. I think I signed up for the blog challenge, just because I can't figure out what to blog about. There seems to be a lack of energy and/or inspiration for me and many others.

    I am just glad to see you post. How are you doing?

  2. Just do it Alice, I'm really good at looking interested whilst people talk about their wounds.

  3. Writing seems like such a big risk sometimes. I feel your pain. :)

    But push through and remember that you should not believe that nasty negative voice inside you. :)

  4. Hi everyone. Thanks for the encouraging words. Plodding away at it.