Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mental Music

I’ve been waking up with songs playing in my head. This is not the usual “I’ve got a song stuck in my head” sort of event. I’ve had that happen of course, sitting at my desk working and really annoyed that the tune of Poker Face keeps playing as background music and trying not to think of Lady GaGa, who makes me feel a little queasy.

I have never woken with a song cycling relentlessly through my head. Particularly not every bloody time I wake up, even if for just a moment in the middle of the night, or in response to a distress call from Firecracker. And it can’t be because I’m playing the same songs over and over. I played U2’s CD over and over for months and had peaceful nights. I ALWAYS play new music over and over. But now my sleep has a soundtrack.

I’m not even a musical person. I can’t play an instrument. I was pathetic at piano. My singing voice is just sad. I have no intuitive feel for music. I have emotional reactions to certain bands and songs, but I couldn’t tell you what key and I probably wouldn’t be able to pick out influences or have the language to describe, well, pretty much anything about a song.

But now I've got my own personal jukebox, all songs by Patrick Wolf. His music is burrowing insistently into my psyche. I'm walking around in a world of blackberries and thickets, doomed romances, mythical characters (Hi Theseus), shape shifters (Hello Vultures), towers, gypsies, bluebells, constellations, and pig farmers (yes, even pig farmers). What would it be like to have all that spring forth from your imagination?

It would be the best.


  1. Glad that I'm not the only one to have that kind of reaction to 'Lady' Gaga - what is it about her?

    What is the song? I bet its something really annoying, the songs that stick in your head like this always are. Theres even a name for it. I just wish I could remember what it is.

  2. She's icky on some level. And Poker Face is just a revolting song IMO.

    I actually like the songs I have stuck on replay, but hearing them the moment I wake up makes me think that instead of sleeping I attended a concert.

  3. I got an "earworm" at the moment; Bad Things, the theme tune for True Blood.
    It's driving me mad...if I weren't already there!