Monday, August 07, 2006

Theological Questions from a Six Year Old

Yesterday DramaQueen peppered me with questions. She tends to do this right before going to bed, partly as a delaying tactic and partly because she’s like me and all her best thinking happens at night. I assume Sunday school triggers a lot of these questions. Yesterday they talked about David and Goliath. Elizabeth brought home three Styrofoam cups decorated with markers and googly eyes, representing David, Goliath, and the king. She told me that we still need toothpicks for arrows and a rock. I understand the rock, but I confess that I don’t recall arrows as part of the story, but one of the cups is going to get poked with them. The children’s worship looks like a lot of fun. It’s called Blast! and it’s modeled on Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences, which I guess is pretty common in Sunday schools these days. They have stations and do different kinds of activities each week. One Sunday’s activity involved Alkazeltzer and a soda bottle, and I never did receive an adequate explanation from DramaQueen about how that was connected to the lesson of the day.

In any case, here are her most recent theological questions:

What is grace?
Who made God?
What was there before God?
What is a spirit?
Is God a spirit?
Is God like an angel?
Does God know everything?
Can God do anything?
Can He make another god?
Can he do something mean?
Does God have children?
     Me: Yes, Jesus is His son.
     DQ: No—Mary had Jesus.
     Me: Yes, but God is his father.
     DQ: But they weren’t even married!

And my favorite question:

Why did God make boys when they’re so yucky and all they talk about is poop?


  1. That last one is a good question.

    Perhaps He made Adam because adam was big, and strong, and quick, and could get a lot of hard work done, like climbing mountains and stuff so he could get everything named.

    But since adam was a man, he did a lot of man things when no one else was around, like eating his dinner over the sink, and picking his nose, so God made Eve to polish him up a little so he wouldn't only just do things like talk about poop.

  2. That last question is very valid, and I've asked it myself though without such eloquent wording.

    Do let us know when you figure out the proper response.

  3. We use Blast, too.
    Our Children's minister has helped put it all together -- she's some big curriculum queen.
    My kids love it.

  4. I had to laugh at that last question! As a first grade teacher I can verify that it is true that poop (and the related topic of farts) is one of the more popular topics of little boy conversation. If she figures out the answer to that one, be sure and post it!

  5. oooh - good questions girl!
    badalice - do you have answers for those or what? gotta admit, i have asked the last one quite a few times kid!

  6. Boys talk about poop because they need to take a break from burping contests.

  7. All they talk about is poop...a hahahahaha! What great questions! That C.C. is doing something right, huh?


  8. I hope she never stops asking good questions and even better, when she is old enough, finding out the answers.

    Did you know that the FFMB is having a Blog Anniversary Party this Friday, August 18th. Hope you might drop in and perhaps dedicate a Friday post to the band. See my blog for more ideas and info.