Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A little-known use for sandpaper

So I went to the doctor for a physical today. When they were getting me ready for the ECG and stress test, they prepped me with SANDPAPER.

Yes, they sandpapered me every place they affixed an electrode.

They sanded me, and then they followed with alcohol.

Let me repeat that: After abrading my skin quite vigorously, they followed with a bracing alcohol rub.

And then they sanded me again.

I should have asked if they used a special medical-grade sandpaper. Surely they didn't go to work with something they grabbed off the shelf at Home Depot--doesn't sound sanitary.

And now, 8 hours later, I still have red, irritated blotches.

Look what I found out on the WWW:

Electrode Skin Prep PadPictured above. Each prep contains 70% alcohol along with pumice to gently abrade skin. 100 per box.B59800
Price: $6.55

Notice the word "gently". My doctor was too cheap to buy the pre-packaged stuff.

And I'm still irritated.


  1. Geez! Sounds like your DR. went to Medieval Dr. school

  2. Good point grish! Did they place leeches on you? Was your prescription eye of newt?

  3. So sorry, hope they heal.

    Bob said that is standard procedure, but not home depot type sand paper.

    He said they did it to him, and it is gently with a very very very fine sand paper.

  4. yes, your medical clinic is full of everyday items masquerading as medical supplies. I remember my ob-gyn spaying my pap smear slide with an aerosol can, wrapped in white paper. Closer examination proved it to be a can of Aquanet hairspray. I commented on it to the doc. The next time I visited, there were two layers of white paper around the can.

  5. LOL at Edy. My husband once had to use a very expensive wrap around a dressing. The nurse gave him a tip. Go to the local Farm and Fleet store and buy "vet wrap." It's used on horses, and for a fraction of the price. Also comes in an array of colors.

  6. They did it to me yesterday...... my skin is still blotchy. The crabapple nurse who did it before the test told me to put lotion on it when I got home..... OUCH. Damn - stung like hell - I'm still sore and blotchy 24 hours later. Test was fine - I'm happy I'm healthy.... but the sandpaper. REALLY?????

  7. Same here. It's been 4 days and it's still EXTREMELY red and painful. I'm using everything I can think of to lessen the pain. Also, I'm diabetic. Don't think having wounds are good. Hello!?

  8. It took me three weeks to recover from this "gentle" sandpapering I had six years ago. I couldn't wear a bra for over a week. In this day and age, there is no excuse for this abuse. I am dreading another stress test (chemical due to physical impairment) next week, and at 69, I need that bra! If I have a heart attack, it will be because of that stupid "sanding".