Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where Did My Blog-time Go?

I don't seem to have a chunk of time to blog about anything these days, or to make my rounds through my favorite blogs. There's a party going on and I'm not there.

News. Let's see. We've joined a new church, one very close to our home. We have been going to one about an hour away, and I'm just not that dedicated. The old church is messianic, so it is dear to my husband, who is Jewish, but I have mixed feelings about the place. It is amazingly diverse, and the Jewish liturgy is beautiful, but the sermons are disjointed and at times the atmosphere just seems weird to me. The rabbi says he as to be annointed to preach, which seems to mean that he'll throw a bunch of scripture against the wall and see what sticks. They are really into the end times thing, which makes me squirm (apologies to Dear Husband, who does not concur with me on that). It doesn't help that the Bible study groups are all on Wednesday nights. An hour away after a full day of work, with two kids. Not going to happen. So we've joined a nice Methodist church that seems to be alive and kicking, building homes in Nicauraguaga and the Appalachians and with incredible childrens' programs and fellowship and study for the adults. A coffee shop is on the way, too, which seems to be the thing these days for churches. I really like this church, which is surprising because they are enthusiastically contemporary. I'm pretty much a smells and bells kind of girl, but I'm enjoying this.

And we have a wedding anniversary coming up on August 28! Dear Husband teases me that he's the wife in our marriage. He's the one who remembers to plan and buy unique and thoughtful gifts. I'm known to forget important milestones. If he weren't there I'm not sure the girls would have birthday parties. This year I did find an excellent gift, but not a babysitter. I'm particularly bad at babysitter-finding. I don't like phone calls, for one thing. But I do now have a list of prospects from our new church (yea, new church!).

Now, back to figuring out what do with the amazing amount of stuff that comes home in backpacks.


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  2. Congrats on finding a new church...sounds great. Proximity matters if you are going to be involved on any level beyond Sunday morning.

  3. Glad to here you have found a church you enjoy better. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary on the 28th!!

    Ours is two days later. 26 years for us.

  5. loved this chatty post. Sounds like a nice church you are going to now :) Just for the record I'm not into end times either!

    and laughing at your comment about backpacks :)

  6. Hey, glad you found a new church. And happy anniversary.