Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Grace Is So Cool

Well, the ministry leader whose letter I screwed up told me that he had made so many mistakes in the last months that he had lost count. So, all is well. Thanks for your prayers.

It's those sorts of actions that make me really like the people I work with, even when I don't agree with so many aspects of the theology they hold dear.

For example, for administrative professionals day, all the support staff were taken out to lunch at an off-the-beaten track little cafe serving traditional Southern cooking. After that, we were taken to a local massage clinic for mini-massages. But best of all, when we got to work that morning, on each desk was a sheet of paper with our name and hand-written messages from the senior staff thanking us for our work. The HR manager was really thinking ahead, because most of the senior staff are scattered across the country and only come into town twice a year.

I doubt many people can top that.


  1. Wow! You have a great staff! I've worked for my church for 3 Admin Days (just over two years)and the first two they sent me flowers. This year they decided that I was just a bookkeeper and didn't send me anything. My feelings were hurt but I tried very hard not to let them see. They must've realized what a crappy thing they had done so I got flowers on Friday.

    I'm glad you were all forgiven for the mistake!

  2. Good for you! (Geeze, leslee. Day late flowers are really rotten!)

  3. Great that you were appreciated...don't be too hard on yourself, we all make mistakes...only the brave own up to them and apologise

  4. What a sweet thing for the staff to do. Don't be so hard on yourself. Mistakes happen. My hubby didn't think anyone even read the bulletin till he printed it upside down. Just marching through with the band.

  5. Glad the mailing thing got worked out.

    Sounds like good folks to work for.

  6. Glad that worked out for you :-) I'm coming by with the FFMB. Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. hey, way late I know, but I was so o blessed, I have to share -

    the full time staff took me to "The Keg" for dinner and bought me steak and this chocolate eruption dessert (oh ya, it's as good as it sounds) and the day of I arrived at work to find a bouquet of flowers, box of Laura Secord chocolates and a card signed by all staff and clients -

    SEVERELY blessed. I felt so appreciated and loved...it made up for the two weeks before, of yelling and stress-filled long evenings!