Friday, April 28, 2006

RevGals Friday Five: The Joys of Procrastination

This week we reveal our favorite procrastination techniques:

  1. Blogging and surfing other blogs and websites. One site leads to another, and another.
  2. Watching TV and movies. Last night I was sucked into watching a kung-fu movie about mah jong. You wouldn't think that mah jong could be so exciting, but it was smashing. And I have no idea how it's played or what any of those little tiles mean.
  3. Reading fiction. Murder mysteries, if I allow them into the house, will eat every spare moment as well as those I can't spare.
  4. Emailing a cheery message to my husband. That is so much more fun than my to-do list.
  5. Looking through catalogues. I love catalogues. Everything from Ikea to The Oriental Trading Company. I particularly like catalogues from The Learning Store and SchoolBox. I never buy anything, but I so enjoy looking at them.
If I have a particularly undesirable task, I will even procrastinate by doing laundry. There's always plenty of it, and I can always say to myself that it needs to be done. Of course, most of the time I procrastinate doing laundry by blogging, watching TV, reading, etc.


  1. tee hee.

    me, too.

    Except for the murder mysteries. I prefer chick lit. :-)

  2. Blogging and surfing other blogs I never procrastinate as I love doing it unless my server is down.
    Mahjong i can relate as here it is the favorite past time of the elderlys.
    Laundry can never procrastinated here in my household otherwise we all come out nude.

  3. sounds great. :)and perfectly NORMAL to me dear !!!

  4. Here's something else...playing tag. You're it. (See my 1st post for Saturday for rules).

  5. And it is written in the Book of StillJewish, "You shall indulge in having fun before getting down to business. . . that is if I don't run out of underwear."


  6. Ahh a few things I can learn from you!!!

  7. Mah jong is fun! The computer version is, anyway.