Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cheese and Whine

Since I’m in the mood to rant about everything that irritates me, let me address a children’s book that DramaQueen is currently reading, Who Moved My Cheese for Kids. I’ll state up front that I loathe Who Moved My Cheese. I’m pretty cheesed off (ha ha ha) that the author made oodles of money out of delivering this earth-shaking message: “Change is scary but you need to get used to it and not blame other people when things change but instead you should be proactive and get off your butt.”

Wow, my life is transformed.

Basically, this is a corporate inspirational poster in book form and I bet that corporations across the country hand it out with pink slips.

Given that it’s so simplistic that even a corporate executive can digest it, you would think that it would be right on target for a kids’ book. What a kid is supposed to make of “Smell the cheese so you know how old it is” I’m not sure. Actually, I’m not sure what to make of it. Now’s the time to dump your low-wage job and move on? Now’s the time to dump your not-so-fresh low-wage employees and find fresher cheaper ones?

And then of course there’s the message “Don’t blame others for moving the cheese.” I gather that means “Don’t blame me if I had to let you go in the downsize. Life’s a bitch so deal.” It’s America and there’s always enough cheese to go around as long as you aren’t one of the lazy mice who sits around and whines when Cheese Station C runs out of cheese instead of being a forward thinking mouse and striding forward boldly in search of new cheese in foreign markets. It’ll taste even better than the old cheese, and will be cheaper, too.

I just thought of an alternate title: I Just Moved Your Cheese: So Suck It Up!

As one reviewer put it: “Spencer’s book puts the onus for adapting to change on those who have it imposed on them instead of those who impose it.” It’s good to learn early how the system works.


  1. In other words, Powers and Principalities 101.

  2. ok...I know this probably sounds highly inappropriate, but you have no idea how happy that just made me

    i so badly needed a good rant (that wasn't directed at me) and this is the first time I've smiled/giggled in 3 days, so hopefully I'm not insulting your frustration or feelings when I thank you for just putting it out there...and I do hope that you feel better too

    really good ranters are hard to come by - I applaud you

    is this the most bizarre comment you've ever received or what? :)

  3. At a previous job we were all given the book, asked to read it, made to discuss it and then WHAM they hit us with massive shakeup(though thankfully no layoffs).
    Not that we didn't see it coming of course.

  4. I'm intrigued; tell me more about the cheese story. Did someone actually just move the cheese or did they eat the cheese entirely? Was the cheese being kept in the fridge, because I don't think cheese should be left out. If so, maybe the cheese just fell down the back and is behind one of the crisping drawers at the bottom. You should tell them to look there.

  5. Oh, these books, Alice, these BOOKS!

    Oh, I can't tell you, I can't begin to say how much I loathe them.

    I truly am appalled at humanity when I see these books.

    They are extremely popular in Malaysia - the self-help/motivational/how-to-be-happy/how-to-be-a-winner section is always bigger than the fiction section.

    What is wrong with the world? Why? How?

    I can't stand it. Don't make me think of these books again, please.


  6. Me, on the other hand, really enjoyed this book. Yes, it is very silly and simple (some good things are). I wouldn't rush to quick opinions on this book.

    Love you blog honey.

  7. JPDC: Indeed, so much ends up Behind the Crisping Drawer, cemented there by the grape juice that has slowly dripped down from the overturned juice box.

    Augustus: Instead of thinking about these books, you may need to check behind your crisping drawer. Do refrigerators in Malaysia have crisping drawers?

    Everyone: Please check behind your crisping drawers before it's too late.

    JeffGeorgia aka Dear Husband: You may not want to look behind our crisping drawer.

  8. Yes, they do, but it's rice wine that has congealed instead of grape juice. (really -it goes white and hard like wax, very strange)

  9. You are so good! I love your writing!

    ...a corporate inspirational poster in book form...


  10. I have to wonder about a people who need to be reminded that change sometimes occurs that is out of our control...

    How does this indict humanity? Especially those who espouse Christianity as their belief system and adhere to "literal" interpretations of Scripture?

    Then again, since men are in charge in this conservative branch, I would imagine that the cheese, like the trash, remains unmoved...

    grace and peace