Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bloggers in Dreamland

Have you ever had a dream in which another blogger appeared, someone you know only from the blogosphere?

And by “dream” I mean something completely innocent, so don’t get your hopes up.

I’ve been meaning to recommend some of my favorite blogs, and it just happens that one of my favorite bloggers showed up in a dream:

I was in a Medieval country, probably France, and I and my comrade were running from the royal guard. I’m not sure what we had done, if we had stolen a loaf of bread or tried to overthrow the monarchy, but whatever it was, we were in deep trouble. The guards finally cornered us, and the exit we took shot us straight into the castle dungeons, where everyone was awaiting their dinner of roasted newt. I’m not sure what a newt is, but my dream newt looked like a rat. The prison guards were doing a comedy routine for a spot of entertainment, which gave us hope that we could suborn them into helping us.

At this point Firecracker let out a wail, so I never found out if we managed to escape.

My comrade was Augustus, from Liberal Christian Front Parlor. Augustus, if you happen to read this, what do you think we did to piss off the government of France?

And fellow travelers, if you are interested in progressive Christianity, you should definitely check out his blog.


  1. I've dreamt of another bloggers before. It's a cool experience.

  2. newts are amphibians - a bit like a frog with differnet sorts of legs and a tail

    Since they eat frogs' legs in France (rather like chicken fillets) then roasted newt sounds a possible medieval menu dish


  3. Well, rats! Now I'm stuck wondering what eventually happened to you. (this sounds like some sort of Monty Python episode!)

  4. I did have a dream like that. I dreamed that I met one of my blog buds, and actually, her and my wife and I are going to meet soon. Will be a blast, at least until she learns that I don't talk as much in real life as I do on my blog.

  5. Oh my Lord, I almost blogged about this the other day! I HAVE been having dreams of other bloggers I "know". One was trying to push me off a cliff (as this particular blogger has now commissioned 2 bits of writing from me I have to think that the reference has to do with pushing myself to overcome fear as opposed to him trying to do me in) and then I had another dream with 2 other bloggers wherein we were pushing something else (can't remember what), which again suggests the ways in which this bloggy community has expanded my horizons.

  6. ahh.. the funny world of dreams and all of the doors they open into the psyche. I always thought of a next as a wet lizard, an amphibian who looks like the offspring of a tree frog and a blue tailed skink. I also had the Monty Python associations... as if a guard was going to appear and tell you the your mother was a hamster and father smelled of elderberries...

  7. I sincerely hope that dreams are really as random as they seem and that there's not always a hidden subconscious message there. Mostly because whenever my hubby tells me a dream I was in, I'm always doing or saying something incredibly MEAN to him.

    In real life I try very hard to be considerate and watch how what I say could come accross, so I hope his dreams aren't an indication of my failure to succeed in that area.

  8. haven't had those dreams, but I bet I will tonight! :)

  9. Roasted newt!

    The French will eat anything.

    Well, you're American and I'm British - we must have invaded somewhere they were in cahoots with.

    I apologise for invading the privacy of your subconcious. I did see some rather unusual things there, but I'm not telling as that would be unethical.

    [Ta for the link. I've been meaning to put you on my sidebar for ages, but I've had chronic blog-template apathy lately.]

  10. Newts are tiny lizzard looking things. I hear they taste like chicken, much like everything else. What a weird dream. I hate when I wake up before the end of my dream is done. I then try to make up the ending , making it a daydream. Sleep tight. Dont let the Newts bite.:)