Friday, January 27, 2006

Now We Are Six

This morning I let DramaQueen go into daycare ahead of me while I put Firecracker on her bus. Then I went in to give her a goodby hug and kiss. She looked at me warily and said a quick "bye-bye" that came out more like "ba ba," then gave me a perfunctory hug when I kept coming.

She was embarassed to hug and kiss me in front of the other kids.

I thought I had at least another couple of years.

On the way home this evening she asked if she could watch some television when we got home. I said she could either finish her movie or watch whatever was on "her" (Disney) channel.

"I'll watch whatever's on TV, if that's acceptable."

I'm getting teary-eyed here.


  1. I know what you mean! Mine are 17,14 and 12.

    Alice, I apologize for not seeing your comment about joining the FFMB sooner. I have a mental block about checking that post that I always refer to. Don't feel bad, I've done it to many.
    Tomorrow, Sat Jan 28, there is a special FFMB reception. Check my blog for details and I am adding your name to the band roster right now.

  2. seasons Alice,it's part of her growing up and finding herself. it's wonderful but also hard at times. DD is 13 :)

  3. "Parenting is teaching me humility."

    You sure saw that coming...

    Now sit back and remember that she's this mature and wonderful for her age because she's so well taught and so totally accepted and loved.

    Good job, mom. Good job.