Tuesday, January 24, 2006

DramaQueen's Birthday Party

DramaQueen has a smashing birthday party this past Saturday. She actually turned six on the 4th, but Christmas break makes it hard to coordinate an earlier party. We held the party at a plaster painting place. The manager lived up to her name by managing the children wonderfully. I didn’t have to do anything except sit in the front with some other parents and eat leftover pizza. She was truly amazing. Imagine organizing 13 excited, squealing six-year-olds in a space where everything is breakable. She maneuvered them neatly through donning a smock, choosing a piece to paint, and painting. Then she served pizza and set up a game of musical chairs. She even kept them all in line during the present opening segment. And at the end she was just as calm and collected as at the beginning. And it was her third party of the day. Whatever she has, I need it.

Anyway, we have more toys than she can play with. I still haven’t unboxed some of them. And what is with boxes these days? I need a tool set just to unlock a Barbie doll from its wrapping. I’ll be fishing those stupid twist ties out of the carpet for weeks. I also have a burning question: Who invented Polly Pockets? Whoever you are, you’re going to roast for it. These things have shoes that are smaller than my pinkie nail. That is so wrong.


  1. I almost lost my salvation helping my boy (who’s kidding I did it all!) put together his Lego chopper helicopter (all out war machine) . . . two freaking days! I should have waited and let my young 13 yr old brother come over and put it together in 13 minutes . . . speaking of my kid brother, he’s going to college in 2 years (he’ll be a 15 yr old College freshman). My wife told our boy that the missiles (weapons of mass destruction) and bombs were all non-lethal tranquilizers . . .we’re regular ole pacifists. I’m sure he bought into that suggestion as he eliminates and make-belief blows up his other toys with the death machine. Oh , and it stayed together for one day, nice!

  2. Christopher... uyou should see some of the Lego robots my students put together!

    Alice, I know what you mean about packaging. Some toys seem to generate more trash than the laws of physcis seems to permit. After the box, and wrapping and styrofoam and wires that hold it onto a piece of cardboard (with a greater tensile strength than steel) there is a pile of trash larger that the original package. There are bits of tags and snips of wire burrowing away into the carpet. I've seen the new Barbies, One takes her out of the package and she looks like Gulliver visiting the Liliputians.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful party. We went to my nephew's party this weekend too. Nothing as exciting as as going to a plaster painting place, but still fun. I got the fun job of getting remote control truck out of it's box for the kids to play with. After figuring out the twisty ties I had to ask my brother in law for a screw driver to remove the remote! I thought it was a bit of overkill myself. We usually try to take things out of the box before we give them to Peanut, but I know you can't do that in all cases.

  4. That woman must have some special, magical form of insanity. Her third party of the day?! Did you test the Kool-Aid? I'm betting it was drugged.