Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Five: Pleasures

1. Sex
2. Reading when I should be working
3. Chocolate, particularly a box of assorted chocolates, as long as they are mostly nut and caramel centers.
4. An iced Caramel Machiatta from Starbuck’s
5. Watching someone else clean my house

Bonus: The absolute quiet when Dear Husband takes the girls on an outing.


  1. loved this :)

    I like chocolate too. Especially bars of chocolate - but in a box I like the nuts and toffees too - dislike the soft centered ones like strawberry,coffee orange cream etc. yuk! Luckily hubby likes those best so we do well!

    I feel guility if I see someone else cleaning my house, thugh I pay a man from church to come twice a year to clean all the windows.

    I love sorbet icecream - lemon, sharp berries (sherbert?)or then mango ... mmmm ... hard to get here

  2. i love the reading when i should be working but that'll get me in trouble. hehe...

  3. So, nobody will mention anything about sex. Women, Christian or not, think about sex just as much as men, they just don't talk about it as much. So, women - speak up! Honey, thank you for putting SEX as number #1 and being honest.

  4. i could cut and paste your pleasures into my blog.

    and yes, our house was contaminated with lead. built sometime in the late 1800's when all they used was lead paint.

  5. we are in temporary housing for the next few months as abatement contractors work on the house. we stayed in a residence in for 41 days and are now in a 2 bedroom apt 5 minutes from the house.

    i'm hoping that we'll be able to move way before easter or the week after (not going anywhere during holy week.)

    thanks for asking the questions. i don't mind at all. and i really like your blog. i'll be back for sure.

  6. Jeff... glad you put in your part there! I didn't know what to say.

    I sure love both of you!