Monday, June 27, 2011

The Monday Report - Angels and Insects Edition

If I don't come up with some sort of weekly feature, I'll never write on this blog with any regularity. I'm all over the place in my subject matter. I'm all over the place generally. So I've decided to bounce in on Monday with a report of all the interesting and important stuff I do over the weekend.

Here's the weekend recap.
  • Buckets of rain with lots of thunder and lightening - very thrilling. I am always slightly uneasy that a gigantic ball of hail will crash through our bathroom skylight and our house will be invaded by wasps before we get it fixed.
  • I thought about calling some people I should call, and then I didn't. I plan to do the same thing next weekend.
  • Finished reading the awesome A Madness of Angels, which I plan to write about at some point. I'm in love with the protagonist, who is resurrected two years after his death to find that he is sharing his brain with blue electric angels.
  • Had to take Firecracker to the doctor on Saturday for some nasty-looking mosquito bites. Abby is very sensitive to mosquito bites, which usually swell up to the size of her fist and turn red.
  • No sooner did we step out of the car with a bottle of antibiotic than a bunch of ants swarmed over Firecracker's foot, inflicting multiple bites. Abby is even more sensitive to ant bites, so we had to go to the doctor again on Sunday, this time for steroids to bring down the swelling. She now looks like a medieval plague victim.
  • Firecracker is not very happy.
  • When Firecracker is injured or sick, we are all treated to a minute-by-minute account of every ache and pain. And I do mean minute by minute.
  • Why do insects target Abby? DramaQueen can go an entire summer without any sort of bite.
  • I hate summer in Georgia.
  • Sunday night was the True Blood season premier, hurrah. This season I'm rooting for vampire Eric, who gave the best ever public service announcement (wish I could post the whole thing, but there's a bit of it at the beginning).

  • I'm doing fine going gluten free, except that bread is very expensive, with a loaf having maybe 10 slices at about $5 a loaf, making it more expensive oz by oz than some illicit drugs. I'm not sure that's entirely true, but I'm not going to research it.
  • There are parts of our backyard I know nothing about. We spend absolutely no time there. See comment above about summer and ants. I would be perfectly happy with no yard at all. If I want grass I can go to the park.
  • We are in the process of killing two plants. I had the genius idea of the girls going on a field trip to a nursery and getting plants. One is impatiens - Abby remembers the name because, as she says, "I'm impatient." Liz got something she said is called a "David something". I imagine they're annuals and slated to die anyway. 
  • Dear Husband is, I hope, bringing home a treat.
  • Oh, and here's another treat.


  1. My property is crawling with ants. Millions of them. And spiders. Spiders everywhere. And gnats. You know that song "You'll never walk alone"?

  2. We always wonder about our cats and dogs being the most annoying with and to people who are allergic to animals or don't like them...perhaps some correlation?

  3. Chris: I couldn't take it. Spiders freak me out. In August I get ants at work. They march over my desk with great determination. I'm not sure why my desk - it isn't made of sugar.

    Terri: Allergic people must smell different. I guess Firecracker seems particularly yummy for some reason.