Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I saw this over at MadPriest's blog:

"Grouping the sexuality of people under the terms gay and straight is a false dichotomy. For a start there are plenty of straight gay people around - if there weren't then there would hardly be a right wing in the Church to fight against.

A true dichotomy would be kinky and straight. Descriptively it is far more accurate and puts people into likeminded groupings (imaginative, creative sexual creatures in one camp - boring killjoys who might as well be dead already as they obviously hate the idea of actually being alive).

From roads to fjords to human beings, things are always far more interesting if they contain kinks, have crinkly edges and are downright bendy."

This made me laugh. He states a truth with such flair and humor. Isn’t this a much better division - the creative sexual creatures and the boring killjoys? I’ve often thought about this division into gay and straight. I've found that both camps want you to be very clear about where you stand. Bisexual is uneasily tolerated as a term for the people who just won’t get off the fence, because of course you should be one way or the other or you’re just kidding yourself.

Human sexuality is amazingly flexible. Whatever your preference, you can always surprise yourself. Unless of course you’ve given up on surprise entirely.

In any case, if Zachary Quinto shows up at my house, I’m not leaving him and Dear Husband alone in the same room. You never know.


  1. If Zachary Quinto shows up at my house, everyone BUT me is leaving the room!!! Human sexuality is just another aspect of being that we see dualistically; it's this way Or that. When we see things as one thing OR another with no continuum between extremes, well, that's when we suffer.

  2. Always worth a read is our Madpriest.

    Some interesting thoughts you have there Alice. I must confess that I don't know who Zachary Quinto is, now I've followed your link I know what he looks like but who is he, what does he do? An actor, I'm guessing. Google, here I come.

  3. Kitty, you are oh so right, about dualism and Z Quinto.

    Petty, he plays the evil Sylar in Heroes.

    Ira, see, you shouldn't be left alone with him either.

  4. He's very good-looking, but I think I can handle being alone with him without ripping his clothes off with my teeth...