Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Merry

1. We went to a candlelight service at an Episcopal church last night, and it was wonderful.

2. Dear Husband has been reading a book by Ann Rice and he says that after reading her descriptions of growing up Catholic, he gets why I find God in art and why I like liturgical services.

3. I have at least three Starbucks gift cards and a box of Starbucks Via, as well as two gift cards for bookstores. Sigh.

4. The girls each got Nintendo DSi consoles from grandparents. They have the cutest game I have ever seen - Nintendogs - with realistic dogs that you feed and play with. I sounded like I had been hitting the eggnog too much: Awww, that's so cute! Oh, that's just the cutest thing! Oh, look, he's rolling over! Oh, look at them eating!

5. Dear Husband made the most delicious ham I have ever had.

6. The girls and I each got Snuggies.

7. I got little black licorice scottie dogs.

8. The kugel turned out great even though I bought ricotta instead of cottage cheese. I have since found many many recipes from actual Jewish sources using ricotta rather than cottage cheese, so I know I'm not crazy. So there. There are as many variations of kugel as there are of "pasta with sauce." The MIL used rice noodles for Dear Husband, and I couldn't tell the difference. I suppose if you have enough cheese, sour cream and sugar, the noodles just have to sit there and be a bit chewy.

9. DramaQueen is determined to continue believing in Santa Clause. She was glued to NORAD watching his progress, and she decorated cookies, and put out crackers, carrots and water for the reindeer, as well as a message asking for a response. So of course I had to write a letter from Santa. This is the part of Christmas I will mourn passing. Nothing really expresses enchantment so much as a child awaiting Christmas.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I'm always a little sad when it's over and all the ornaments have to be packed away for another year. As I get older I begin to consider the losses that could accumulate in the coming year, the possibility of mortal illness, the pangs at watching my girls get older and wanting to snuggle them before they decide that's childish and they've outgrown all the kisses and cuddles.

I also really dislike New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I always have. There's something about the start of a new year that makes my spirit tired and forlorn. I don't like my birthday, either, not because of growing older but because acknowledging my birth also makes me feel tired and forlorn. I suppose I've never felt very celebratory about being born. Speaking of which, DramaQueen's birthday approaches in January and then Firecracker's in February. Birthday parties mean tracking down nonresponders and fretting that no one will show up and worrying that everyone will be bored. I usually try to opt for venues where someone else runs the show, but I guess I'll be doing it this year, at least for DramaQueen.

Thank the Dear Lord that we are not doing Girl Scouts this year.


  1. I have mixed feeling tonight. We had a very relaxing day but I feel both relieved and sad that the day is over.

    Youngest son's birthday is New Year's Eve. He is old enough now to plan his own birthday celebration. I never did feel very competent at planning birthday parties. I just wasn't that kind of mom who was thrilled to have lots of other kids around or who knew just what to do with them all.

    I am enjoying a break from work. That part is very nice. Another week off is wonderful.

  2. Life is a gift, but even I do not always appreciate this "gift" - especially whem I am on a spiraling down version of it, and keep wondering just bad things can much for my pollanna-tude...

    Christmas Blessings for you.

    word verification, "dogin"

  3. A somewhat belated Merry Christmas, my best wishes to you and yours Alice.

  4. Christmas blessings. I really liked reading about you and your family for Christmas. In this in between time, enjoy the time.

  5. Honey, it was such a nice Christmas Eve with you. There is nothing like to lovers coming together to worship the King.

  6. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Happy New Year, and all that.

  7. I'm always a little sad when Christmas is over, too--especially when it means at least 2 more months of cold weather!! Well, at least we have our Snuggies to keep us warm. *smiles*

    And when you said "Sigh" to the fact that you have at least three Starbucks gift cards and a box of Starbucks Via, as well as two gift cards for bookstores....I wondered if you were sighing sadly or happily? I sure hope happily!--I LOVE gift cards!! :)

  8. Oh, absolutely happily! I love gift cards, and ones for coffee and books - well, it can't get much better.

  9. Alice, please tell your daughter that my husband(aged 44) also followed Santa's progress on Norad right up until we had to go to Midnight Mass.
    May you be blessed. I'm glad to have "met" you here.