Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This is what it is

1. So I've mentioned in some places the absolute craptastic issues facing my family. My brother Mitch and his wife both ended up in the hospital and they won't let her go because the docs have deemed her unfit to take care of herself and my brother (who has, I think, undiagnosed autism) unfit to take care of her. They have no money. She needs assisted living, not a nursing home. Assisted living costs a fortune. We have to sort something out. I don't know what. I think my other brothers are just kind of hoping a new psych eval will show her to be okay, despite a family history of dementia. Frak me.

2. The girls have been running fevers since Friday. Tomorrow, back to the doctors. Did I say "frack me" yet?

3. The toilet clogged this morning. The only upside was that the guy who came to fix it was, um, pretty dishy.

4. I think I am following every soap with a gay story line. No, wait, I can't - because there are TOO DAMN MANY. Germany's All That Matters has become a new favorite because it's hard not to like a show with two men having such enthusiastic fun in a shower.

5. I am really ticked off to learn that we NEVER find out who killed Jenny Schecter. WTF? I was SO ready for that whiny little witch to get her comeuppance and now I don't even know who to thank.

6. Isn't the first time you have sex supposed to be one of those events you remember forever? You know, at least if you weren't drunk or high? I've got a place and a person and then it gets fuzzy.

7. A friend recently reminded me that we used to go to the mall during free period to watch As the World Turns (or was it Days of Our Lives?), something I don't remember at all. It seems we had pet names for the main characters: Ugh and Goolie. Who the hell were they? But that in turn brought back the memory of following Raven and Skyler on the Edge of Night. Did I not have a life? No. No I didn't.

8. Dear Husband and I are watching Battlestar Gallatica, which is awesome on so may levels. On my level, I have a crush on Cylon Number Six, who can plant a chip in my brain anytime.

9. As I realize how much I don't remember, I'm wondering how much I fabricate out of a need for narrative continuity.

10. Speaking of narrative, I wrote a story that you can find here, on Metazen. Some of it is based on memory -- mine, I think.


  1. What can I say Alice when the highlight of your week is the dishy bloke who comes to unclog your clogged loo. Just keep watching those episodes of Battlestar and hoping.

  2. I like #9. The answer, I suspect, is "probably a lot," but you already know that.

  3. Hey, I think Vampire Diaries on CW premieres tonight. It might suck. But it might not. lol

  4. 1.) Not to give anything away, but it's not a chip. Keep watching.

    2.) What is the number of your toilet repair person, and what is the best way to break a toilet without making it look intentional?

  5. Petty: Our Battlestar routine was disrupted by sick kids and #1. We should be back on track soon.

    Irritable: Have you ever read The Real Life of Sebastian Knight?

    Grish: We have it set to record, though I think we have too many things set to record. Why is everything on Thursday?

    JP: 1) I fear Omaha would be outside his service area. We found him by word of mouth, although "hot" wasn't part of our list of requirements. 2) Shove a bunch of toilet paper down the pipes and then say something about inconsiderate party guests, thus paving the way to invite dishy handyman to your next party.

  6. I haven't. But I keep feeling like I should really read some Nabakov. Someday...

  7. JP: my #1 didn't line up with yours. oh well. still, very interesting. I'll have to keep myself from googling until I find out what you're talking about. I'm always skipping ahead of the story.

    Irritable: It's my favorite Nabakov, and relatively short. I think he plays a lot of games that I don't even notice, so I usually feel a bit out of my depth reading his novels.

  8. For some unexplainable reason my local Blockbuster has decided not to get the last season of BG on DVD. It was released on July 28th and I have bee waiting very patiently to see who the last Cylon is. I may have to just go buy it. BTW - I liked your story.

  9. RT: Thanks - I'm glad you liked it. I've been wondering about those other Cylon models. Aren't there supposed to be 12? And so far I've only seen 3. We started using NetFlix to avoid annoyance at the local Blockbuster.

  10. Who did kill Jenny? I think they really want to make more episodes - I'm hoping!