Thursday, June 22, 2006


It's over. I survived our General Assembly. I have no more idea than a cooked goose what happened in the assembly itself, but I smiled like an idiot and tried to get people to take free umbrellas. (Note to self: don't try to give an umbrella to someone from South Texas, as this leads to one of those exchanges of jollity that are so tiring.) I picked up a nifty gadget from another ministry's table (the little oval devices houses a tiny tapemeasure and opens up to be a screw driver with exchangable heads).

I am an introverted person, and I am not energized by rubbing up against the madding crowd. Being smiley and friendly to strangers saps me. Even nice conversations with nice, interesting people are tiring. I still have the clamor and clatter in my head. I need to live in a cave for a week.

Now I can get back to trying to dig myself out of the hole I was excavating when I got caught in the GA storm.


  1. Get some rest! I'm like you, I hate being in crouds. :(

  2. I'd like an umbrella. Bet we can use it more here too :)

    Enjoy the cave ... eat lots of icecream while you de-tox from the GA.

  3. What do you feel about the 'corporate-ness' of it all? (yes duh I know where the word 'corporate' comes from, but you know what I mean - all the politics and burockrassy and all that)

    This big machine where the fattest cheeses can over-rule the deputies and pressure them to ackwi-esssss to the people who like nicely trimmed corners on the sandwiches.

    I'm beginning to like being a Christian slob. Christian-slobbism is the way forward. I'm a bad influence, though. Surely.

  4. oops, I think I've just realized that you are not Anglican and this has nothing to do with ECUSA's General Convention thing.

    Sorry: high-prescription gin-goggles.

    Won't happen again.

  5. Augustus: Well, it was politicky enough anyway. If the Episcopal assembly give you the hives, this would probably send you screaming. I'd rather be a slob.

    By the way--have you done away with your new blog as well as your old? It cannot be.

  6. Yes, sorry if it's rude to just delete like that, but it was very new and scarcely visited.

    I decided it's too boring for folks just to talk about process without reference to content (which of course I couldn't do), so I binned it. Besides the process is painful enough as it is, without having to account for it online.

    It was quite a relief to delete them all. I feel liberated.

    Today I am trying to make my first (low-cholesterol) chicken fajitas for tonight - I've got to make the marinade, the guacamole, the refried beans, the salsa (trying out pico de gallo), the salad leaves, the fatfreeyoghurtdrainedthroughfilterpaperovernight has turned into a suitable sour cream alternative. Because I am shockingly anally retentive, this will take me all afternoon. Where is time for musing upon uncreative torment?

    Any tips on the chicken fajita marinade are welcome.

    I must say I am VERY reluctant to go through the extra hassle of ensuring the tortillas are warm when served. Okay I will dry toast each of them in a frying pan to freshen them up, but even if you do then wrap them in foil and give them ten minutes in the oven (as the 'Discovery' packet suggests), by the time we have sat down and faffed about loading all the bits (half of which are cold) into a tortilla and rolled it up, the tortilla is going to be room temperature by the time it's in your mouth anyway.

    I refuse to do the oven bit. REFUSE!

  7. Augustus,

    First, I didn't know that fajitas, salsa, guacemole, and refried beans even existed in Malaysia.

    Second, I didn't know they existed in England, either.

    Third, the only reason to heat the tortilla is to make it pliable, so warm a few in a frying pan (careful not to make them brittle), stack 'em up, wrap 'em in a cloth, and stick 'em in a covered dish of some sort and tell everyone to eat fast or suffer.

    Fourth, why did I never think of letting yoghurt sit in a filter paper? I thought I had to have cheese cloth, and whoever has cheese cloth?

  8. cheese cloth is for hippies.

    the coffee filters worked - consistency of clotted cream.

    yes, you're right they did go a bit crunchy, but I kind of liked that. I'll try the oven next time.