Monday, January 30, 2006

Work Sure Can Ruin a Day

My job is beginning to feel like a three-ring circus, and there’s a man-eating tiger in every ring.

1. I’m taking a class in FrontPage so that I can take over updating our web site. This is daunting, since they want the web site redesigned.
2. I’m about a week behind getting our yearly devotional ready to go to the designer.
3. I forgot several steps relating to 2, which will delay matters even further.
4. Oh, and I have to promote the devotional, which involves setting up email campaigns to our churches and bugging other agencies.
5. I have to create a bunch of schedules for upcoming projects. This is always time-consuming.
6. The monthly e-newsletter is breathing down my neck.
7. An appeal letter that the director keeps saying will go away hasn’t gone away and I still have to write it.
8. I have to edit and update all our fliers. Oh, about half a dozen if not more. I think I have until May 1, but
9. There will be quite a few other things due by May 1, the cutoff date prior to big ol’ General Assembly.
10. Oh no, General Assembly.


  1. Hey, tentmaker! That's what I was gonna say. (Don't worry - we won't be offended if you don't want put that info out on the net.)

    I'm way jealous of the web design class. Sounds like a lot of fun - well, except for all the job pressures that go along with it. Good luck!

  2. Sheesh, and I was feeling bad because I hadn't made a "save the date" template for our school auction. But isn't that the way? I mean, I will look at a to do list and start stressing beyond belief when really all I have to do is get started. It's ok, Bad Alice, you won't get it all done today and you don't have to. Get one thing done and feel good about that. You rock.

  3. minute by minute, day by day, hang in there friend :)

  4. Take a deep breath... and just be glad it is a man-eating tiger and not an Alice-eating tiger.

  5. Are you one of the few, the proud, the church secretaries? I spent a summer between grad school and seminary as the world's worst church secretary. The regular took a summer off, and boy, was everybody glad to see her when I left! That's dang hard work!

  6. You indeed are one busy woman!!! I've missed out and had to read to catch up. I love Elizabeth's art work. I really, really, think she is an artist! Oh, and about the "goodbye" incident. I came up with signs for my two kids so that we can say we love each other and no one will even know. I did this with my son who is now 14 and he does it back to me. With him I scratch my neck and with my daughter I tug on my earlobe. We have fun with it. I hope one day to scratch my neck at my son's high school graduation and see him scratch back! Take care of yourself!

    Love and hugs,

  7. paula
    what a great idea :) I'm copying it !!! (even though it's many years too late as DD is soon 14 and TS soon 16 - so help us God. where's the time gone?