Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Random Notes and Two Prayer Requests

We still haven’t made the gingerbread house. Sigh.

We’ve made a lot of messes, though.

I want to trade lives with Jo(e) for a few weeks.

Our office is full of FOOD.

Jeff is in a lot of pain because I forgot to bring his meds to the Christmas party. So today I’m lugging around a big load of guilt, which won’t do him any good.  Please keep him in your prayers.

My workplace has taken under its wing a single mom with two boys--a nine-year-old and a newborn--and no job. Please pray for Sandra, and pray that we will demonstrate the love of Christ in all we do for her. Most of her family is in Portugal, and it must be pretty lonely during the holidays with a new baby and a lot of worry.


  1. Shove off the guilt Alice. You forgot. So did he last week. But I'm really sorry Jeff is in pain. And that's what this is all about right?

    Lord in your mercy meet Jeff where He is. And Alice too.

    Right now I'd trade places with you. Not that I'm any good at gingerbread houses!! lol Exam this time tomorrow. Tired and nervous. Hubby's bicycle is broken. It's freezing outside (sort of freezing fog and about -5C so very slippery) so he's brought it in to fix it. Mud, snow and greese everywhere now, and he's in a 'stew' too :(

    I've just decided to go to the 8pm Eucharist tonight. I need to be at peace - and God's house is the right place to be. I'll drop off a gift (the extra devotional) to a young women at church who needs a touch of love today!

    That's what's going on in Finland. Want to swap places with me :)

  2. Honey, regarding the food in your office, can you bring some home?

    Don't feel guilty about my disease. I am just worried about our money and not able to work a normal full-time job. I love you regardless of your forgetfulness.

  3. :) Jeff you are amazing ! Alice hope some food got home !!

  4. Prayers are ascending for freedom from guilt, freedom from pain, freedom from need and freedom from worry. God is good.

  5. Heavenly Father... I lift up this family to You. I pray for their marriage, that it remain strong, that it grows, that they remain close to You as the travel difficult paths.

    I especially lift up Jeff and ask that You send Your Comforter. I pray that Your will be done in all things, but if it is possible, I pray for healing. Please touch his body. You can do anything Lord and I humbly ask that You di this thing, that You touch his body and do what medical science cannot.

    And Lord, I also pray for this young mother of two. Bles her Lord, cmfort her lord, draw her close to You.


  6. Lord please be with Sandra and her children this Christmas. May your wrap them in your love and peace. Bless Alice's workplace and efforts on Sandra's behalf. In Jesus name I pray and the reason I celebrate. Amen

    Sorry about the house, we've been doing them the past couple of years, but I decided for escape the mess this year. Based on Jeff's comment above, don't feel too quilty. We all forget sometimes. It's not like we don't have enough to keep up with these days.

    Have a great weekend! I'm so looking forward to getting together with you guys after the holidays.


  7. Lord we continue to pray for Alice and Jeff and their girls. We pray too for Alice's workmates. Thank you that they have been given a spirit of generosity and love. Pray too for Sandra and her tiny baby and 9 year old

    In Your mercy and Love hear our prayers.