Monday, December 19, 2005

Night of 1000 Lights

This weekend we finally made use of the gift certificate Dear Husband won for a night at the Emerald Pointe Resort on Lake Lanier.  This was to have been a romantic getaway, but we decided instead to take the girls so they could see the light display and have breakfast with Santa.  From the moment we got there, DramaQueen wanted to know what we were going to DO.  From next door wafted the strains of a Hillary Duff song, which DramaQueen picked up on immediately. She began to hang outside our door watching the comings and goings of the ‘tweens staying there. At one point she actually sat on a chair outside their room until they invited her in. But I get ahead of myself.

Because we needed something to DO before dark, I took the girls off in search of the “playground” mentioned on the map. The “playground” turned out to be two swings and a metal slide, cunningly situated so that you could trip on the roots if you did anything you might actually do on a playground, like run, or jump off the swings. Or walk. After we had exhausted the novelty of the playground, it was, thankfully, time to drag Dear Husband out of a nap and head for Santa’s Village and the lights. The light display was loads of fun, and even better because we didn’t have to pay for it or wait in line. Last year we waited three or four hours to get in. We only waited that long because we had no idea how far away we were, and for long stretches there was no where to turn around.

Anyway, we saw poinsettias and advent candles, elves, deer, The Wizard of Oz, The Twelve Days of Christmas (which I had to sing), golfers, gingerbread houses, and loads of other light sculptures.  The girls had a blast.

When we returned to our hotel room, DramaQueen wanted to know what we were going to DO. Firecracker kept her coat on because she wanted to go Home and pitched quite a fit until I recommended a bath, which is one of her favorite things. Happily, Dear Husband went off to the bar and brought back for me a white Russian. A double.

The next morning we had breakfast with Santa. This was a large buffet of every breakfast food available and, best of all, really good coffee.  The girls fueled up with pancake syrup (I kid you not; I glanced over at one point to find Firecracker drinking hers from its little cup). Both girls were very excited when Santa made his way over. He looked surprisingly calm. I don’t remember what the girls asked for. DramaQueen has started asking for a sleigh bell, so I suppose I’m going to have to get one now.  

When we got home, Firecracker refused to get out of the car, because she wanted to go back. DramaQueen wanted to know what we were going to DO.


  1. Cute.

    Glad you two got off and had some family time.

  2. Sounds like a super fantastic time for all of you! Good luck finding that sleigh bell...reminds me of the time The Child asked for "the North Pole" and while still at an age where one felt compelled to deliver...hmmm...may have to blog about that memory. Anyway, lovely for you all. Have a good last week of Advent!

  3. PS. We had a family trip to Archie McPhee this weekend, thanks to you and, also thanks to you, I'm getting a Jane Austen action figure for Christmas. (Shh...don't tell).

  4. My wife forgot to mention how my daughter wanted to see the beginning of the lights, which almost landed us outside a very long line of cars and had to pay $30 to get back in - NO WAY! Thanks to Jewish luck - Dad made an illegal U-turn and headed North to the Sudafed filled room, where MOMMY keeps Daddy up with many ZZZZZZZ. Honey, aren't you glad I got all the marketing done on Friday.

  5. At least the girls are consistent! Sounds like fun anyway. Especially the white russian.

  6. Love the new nicknames! And man, do I remember being a kid wanting something to "DO!" That just cracked me up. Some things never do change, do they?