Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Five

1) Earliest book you remember (read to you or by you).  I had a favorite story. It was called “Nanette Visits the Chateau,” and it was in an old Childcraft book that had been passed down to me. I adored this story, which was slightly spooky. A young girl visits her friend, a housekeeper at the chateau, for a tour. But the housekeeper can’t go, and Nanette wanders around the mansion on her own, having been sternly warned to touch nothing. But of course she does touch something: the cupids on the wallpaper in the master bedroom (hmm—anything Freudian about that?), and discovers a creepy room, gets trapped, discovers a dungeon, finally gets out, and never tells anyone about her adventure. I made my mom read this story over and over.  I still have the book, thank goodness, because it seems impossible to find the story otherwise.

2) Picture Book you would like to climb into. When I was a kid, I would gladly have crawled into a Dick and Jane book.  I was growing up in the 70s, but those books were still in the public elementary school I went to. Their world looked so peaceful and orderly, and they had each other for company (my brothers were so old they had already moved out). And they had sidewalks! And neighborhoods! I lived in a post WWII suburb that never really developed— acouple of stumpy streets with no sidewalks, a loooong way from the city such as it was but not rural either.  I recently picked up a Dick and Jane collection at the library.  Horrible for reading, but those pictures still look so squeaky clean.

3) Favorite series of books (then or now). Harry Potter, hands down. When I was a kid, I adored the Little House on the Prairie books, as well as Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. There’s a new series about Sherlock Holmes by Laurie King that’s really good, too (her blog is in my links).

4) Character you would most like to meet.  Sherlock Holmes. I used to imagine myself into those adventures. I like stories set in the Victorian era.

5) Last childhood book you re-read (for yourself or to someone). Oh, probably one of the many Dr. Seuss books I have from my childhood.  I think Five-year-old may soon be ready for Nanette, though.


  1. There was a great episode of CSI where a group met and dressed up like the characters in the Sherlock Holmes series. It looked fun, until someone was shot of course, but you get the idea...

  2. Did you ever see those episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with Professor Moriarty?

  3. Sue: How did I miss that? I love CSI. Is this the original CSI or CSI Miami or New York?

    Songbirg: I think I remember this. I really liked The Next Generation, but I wasn't a regular viewer. I went though long stretches when I had no proper TV reception (like in Manhattan!).

  4. I'm going to have to steal this idea and use it on my children's book blog. Thanks for the inspiration! Great idea.

  5. Favorite old series? Trixie Belden...I SO loved that!

  6. I wanted to thank you for your visits and kind words of encouragement on my blog. I am grateful.

    I continue to keep you and your husband in my prayers.

    God bless you, and Happy Thanksgiving.