Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank You God for Air-conditioning

I haven’t felt much up to blogging, tweeting or hopping onto FB. I’m navigating summer. I’m not a big fan of summer. Well, I am for about a week. Then the full force of a Southern summer begins to hit – sweltering humidity. The air clings to you like Saran Wrap. The burgeoning grass and greenery feel itchy as you walk through them. The trash can ripens. The mosquitoes, ants, flies and unknown flying and crawling entities multiply. The playgrounds sizzle. The pools are crowded. Under no circumstances do I spend any leisure time outdoors in the summer. It’s too miserable.

So this would be a perfect time, you would think, to hop online and poke about. Instead I’ve been downloading free books onto my Sony Reader and watching Roswell Season 3. And of course the girls are free agents in the summer. This weekend Firecracker used her birthday money to purchase Zhou Zhou Pets. These are toy hamsters that whir about their little hamster abodes, chittering to each other in a way I doubt hamsters ever manage. They wheel about the kitchen until they snag in the shag rug in front of the sink, when they begin to sound distressed and I have to rescue them. I thought the cats might chase them, but they seem indifferent, or perhaps too lazy. We also purchased a game called Chess without Stress, which I can tell you really overstates its claims. Firecracker and I began snarling at each other and never did finish a game. I was reminded of why I’ve always avoided chess – I can’t remember the rules from one minute to the next, and strategy bores me. Whatever part of the brain chess is supposed to activate donned flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt and kicked back with a martini years ago.

Go ahead, click above to satisfy your curiosity about this little critters.

Dear Husband is annoyed that I never mention him on here. I’m not sure why. He is a continual source of entertainment. His recent transformation to Emergent still has me rather bemused. I suppose I’m wondering if this is a temporary stop on the line to who knows where, or perhaps back to the original station. He has also developed a great affection for Glee, although that isn’t so unexpected. He has always like the quirky. Though he still doesn’t like Torchwood and refuses to even think about Dr. Who. Still, he’s a good man.


  1. I'm with you on the chess thing. Planning out strategies in advance just isn't my style. I'm a split second decision kind of girl. Makes me a prime target for well thought out chess strategies.

    Which Zhou Zhou did she get? I'd go for Peachy.

  2. I feel a tad guilty for using air conditioning, but not enough to stop using it. That's the only way I can live in TX. In fact, with the high humidity, today the heat will feel like 110 degrees here. Yuck.

    Thanks for the education about Zhou Zhou; all new to me.

  3. I'd rather be too cold as too hot, my theory being you can always add more layers wheras you can only (decently) take so many layers off.

    I love the look of Tex, he looks full of character.

  4. Strategery? Forget it. I'm doing well to devise a dinner plan for the hub and me.

    I'm a bachelorette this weekend. I dare not watch TV lest I foul up a World Cup Vuvuzela Concert. :)

    Our house doesn't have a/c, so I've got the window units going here in the office and the bedroom. I PRAY a thunderstorm shows up this evening. d

  5. A casual reading of this abstract might give the wrong impression that intelligence is not necessary for achievement in chess. However, the actual results are that chess players, and even more, elite chess players have substantially higher intelligence than average. However, given that someone is a chess player, the researchers found that their ability, measured by a "chess test" or an international testing was not very significantly predicted by their general intelligence.

  6. We've considered moving further south, but I don't know that I could take even one degree warmer than what we get in New Jersey. It just turns me into a miserable human being (not that I can't occasionally fit that description even when it's below zero:)

  7. Hmm, what happened to all my responses that I thought I posted. Oh well: Hi y'all. So glad you dropped by to visit.