Monday, March 08, 2010

Good Times, Bad Times

The more you don't write, the more nothing there is to not write about.

I have a new car. And by "new" I mean "used." My Sedona finally stuck out its tongue at me one too many times. I love my new used car. It reminds me of the cute little Neon I drove when I was young.

Firecracker had her yearly brain MRI, which made me feel weepy. But it doesn't change anything, so I'm back to sneaking peeks at this illness from the corner of my eye.

A rather annoying situation at church has developed. Dear Husband was working on a Seder and was feeling that the church was not very supportive and hardly anyone was registering, so he thought he should back out. He was so miserable that I thought it the best course. Well, that resulted in a mean spirited and unprofessional email from one of the staff. As a result he's been feeling pretty wretched, but the response didn't make him feel like sticking around, that's for sure. Now the church wants us to write some sort of letter airing our concerns. Jolly.

The 4000th episode of Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden has come and gone, yet the angst remains. Lucas and Noud are still star-crossed, and I fear I will be stuck in this tangled story line until Christmas. Please note: never undertake a building project alone, at night, in an abandoned sanitarium, with a flashlight the size of a pickling cucumber, and be assured that those odd noises you hear are the sounds of someone sneaking about for an inexplicably long time instead of just jumping out and slitting your throat right away. Finally, keep your bloody cell phone on your person. If you are concerned that there is a possibly dangerous someone lurking, don't think, "Hey, I'll just leave my cell phone here while I go investigate that noise upstairs. Meanwhile, why don't you leave your cell phone next to mine and head off in that direction and look for X, who has not been seen since she wandered off without her cell phone. See ya in a bit."


  1. I love your first line "The more you don't write, the more nothing there is to not write about." That's true for me. :)

    Sorry to hear about your husband's meanspirited "friend." That really doesn't go with the whole concept of religion--love thy neighbor, etc.--does it?

  2. Lol. I understand just how you feel. Gratz on the 'new-2-u' car though I hope it has plenty of that 'I-used-to-B-A-new-car' smell left.

    Seriously though I'll never buy another new car. I tried it once and never even felt the novelty of it. In fact all I got from owning a new car was high blood pressure and high payments. Plus I was afraid of driving it anywhere cause I didn't want it to get scratched..

  3. people in churches can be awful. I wonder if the letter will make any difference? I know what you mean, though, about the less you write the less you have to say.

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for visiting. I'm enjoying my car, which I've named Cas. I'm hoping Cas and I will have a long and vibrant relationship.