Saturday, February 06, 2010

Despite my complete lack of ambition, I have a story in a journal

To all my bloggy friends who aren't on Twitter or Facebook (these can just ignore this post), I have a story at Blue Print Review called "Coffee." I think I posted it on the blog some time ago, but now it looks all shiny and new. So stop by and have a look, and then look at the other works - it's an interesting issue.

So go have a look, because right now it feels as if I may never write anything again.


  1. What a provocative story. You really are a talented writer! (Notice the verb is present tense.)

  2. I've been meaning to post for a while- but couldn't find the right words -ever since I heard you were in the doldrums.

    I don't write- but I love that story- it stayed with me vividly when I first read it on your blog (so much so that I can recall a stretch on the walk home from school- kind of a la recherche du temps perdu- when I was recalling your words in this story originally).

    Re: Pete Rollins- I have no idea if he is 'hot'. I will just have to think of Maggie Gyllenthal in 'Stranger than Fiction' reciting the same words (but probably won't get through the whole vid without having to have a cold shower)- I like his sideways take on things though.



  3. Thanks MomPriest and Jan! Love the encouragement.

    Graham: Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Maggie G, huh? Did you see Secretary? If not, you really must.

  4. Only just seen this. Only just discovered your blog. This is good, really good, you know. Thank you!


  5. Mike: Thanks for dropping by. Did you find me via Wounded Bird? I like getting new visitors!

  6. Thanks, Alice - yes, Grand-mère Mimi it was! Ditto re: new visitors - so thanks for your comment on The Mercy Blog...