Sunday, January 03, 2010

The year that was ... something or other

I was wondering if I should do one of those "year in review" type posts, and then I realized that I can barely remember last week. I could, of course, just make everything up, but happily I have my blog archives. They catalog the strange waxing and waning of my various fixations.

The Top Overwhelming Obsessions of 2009:

Misha Collins
Foreign soap operas
Writing (not obsessed enough, really)
Patrick Wolf
Owen Pallett

I don't enter a new year brimful of enthusiasm and resolutions. I enter grudgingly, with suspicion. I'm always a little nervous about what bizarre notion will next take hold, and just as worried that perhaps nothing will ever hold my attention again.

I fear the words are slinking away on their inky feet.


  1. as the years go on I become less optimistic about anything that a new year might hold or bring...still pockets of hope remain and occasionally surface. This year all I really want is a new job, soon. that alone would be good news.

    hope your year is good, what ever it brings...

  2. Mompriest. I hope you find your new job. Optimism can't be forced. I think all the positive thinking stuff is overrated.

  3. Misha Collins plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural. And he is completely yummy.

  4. I adored Supernatural but in the Uk, we get things later than you, so we got the apocalypse and don't know when or if we get the next series. We're only just getting the new series of NCIS this week and you're already two series ahead.

  5. Well at least one (possibly 2 if I count Facebook) of those I certainly share with you - I'm talking about Torchwood of course or, to be more exact, John Barrowman.