Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anything Goes

Indulge me. I’m having a theatrical moment. I don’t often listen to show tunes. Actually, I don’t usually listen to much of anything. I enjoy music but hearing music I like doesn’t happen very often. DramaQueen is convinced everything I listen to is as dull as a nursing home corridor. I have hundreds of classical, jazz and opera records that I never hear, because if I try to play them a mutiny ensues. It's difficult to convince a 7yr old and a 9yr old that Mahler's symphonies are wonderful and Frank Sinatra singing Paper Moon is brilliant.

Anyway, this is getting around to Cole Porter. I’m not sure how anyone could not like Cole Porter. His lyrics are so clever and witty and often naughty in that urbane way people used to be naughty before raunchiness was mistaken for honesty. I feel positively squiggly with delight when I hear his songs.

Imagine how heartened I was to come across John Barrowman singing "Anything Goes." He’s performing on the set from one of the Torchwood episodes. I think he has a beautiful voice.


  1. I rather enjoyed the version mainly in mandarin chinese sung at the start of the second Indiana Jones film.
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. What a voice. Hubby and I tried to get tickets when he came to Newcastle but they had all sold out. Probably just as well as nobody wants to see a woman sitting drooling, her tongue hanging out. Mind you, I bet it wouldn't have been the first time and I bet a fair few men have drooled as well.

  3. Zen: Oh my, I wonder if that's up on YouTube. I don't remember it.

    Petty: I think it's safe to say you wouldn't have been alone If you look at any of the videos on YouTube featuring him and read the comments, you can see theirs a fair amount of drooling from both genders. I saw an interview with him in which he was asked if he every felt objectified as a sex object, to which he laughed and said something along the lines of Uh, no, I love it. He’s such a huge flirt – he courts that attention. An audience of droolers would probably make him happy.

  4. I can very well relate to the 'mutiny' thing.
    I tend to lean toward Celtic,and Classical,which my daughter says 'Makes me want to cut my wrists!'..