Monday, July 06, 2009

La Jolla on Someone Else's Budget

There's nothing like a week at a beach resort to make me wish I had rethought that English major. Not really. I'm happy with my life (don't faint) and am not usually envious of the wealthy. But sometimes I get to experience a life not my own, thanks to those who chose a practical route to financial success while I was writing poetry. We went to La Jolla courtesy of Dear Husband's parents, and stayed in a very pleasant resort right on the beach.

What's not to like about doing not much of anything on a beach? I mean, besides the rather odd fishy smell, the dead stingrays that wash ashore and the giant mounds of sinister looking seaweed? I had the best time at a beach without actually going into the water. DramaQueen and Firecracker got to run around with their cousins, and I didn't have to worry that they would be kidnapped. I thought that only happened in movies or the 1950s. They had a chance to see their uncles and be fussed over. Firecracker was particularly excited to see her Pop-pop, and she followed him around when she wasn't following around her uncles Hip-hop 1 and Hip-hop 2, or the boy cousins. Hip-hop 1 has his own business in concert promotion, and he made DramaQueen's day by promising to get her Fergie's autograph. He made Firecracker's day be giving her a piggy back ride along the shore. You can see their different priorities.

I got a massage. DramQueen went out in a kayak and saw leopard sharks. Firecracker dug many holes in the sand and lapped up everyone's affection and attention. We had s'mores on the beach, and a bbq. We paid a small fortune to wait in lines at LegoLand. We met Dear Husband's Brother B's new girlfriend, who is beautiful and disgustingly athletic and has two lovely children who never whine or misbehave that I can tell, and who were both terribly sweet to the girls (here's hoping B and Beautiful Girlfriend get married). I restrained myself from asking FIL if by some chance he does the books for Misha Collins (I have to maintain some sort of dignity). On the fourth we went up to a family's room and watched fireworks over the beach. I had a lovely chat with Cousin Oncologist about the book he and his wife are writing. I had two very excellent mojitos and some unusually lucious strawberries.

Now we're back, and reality is a knockin' on the door.


  1. What a fantastic getaway!! So glad you and the family had such a great time!

  2. Thanks, JP. It's kind of spoiled me, though. Now I have to make my own breakfast. Very unfair.