Friday, August 15, 2008

RevGals Friday Five: Tranformations R Us

For this Friday's Five, share with us five transformations that the coming fall will bring your way.

1. We WILL paint our new house. We are living in the land of beige.

2. I will become Homework Monitor, not because I have to badger them to do their homework, but because the school requires me to sign off on every blessed thing.

3. I love the shift from summer to autumn. I will be able to walk outside without suffering from heat exhaustion. The air will smell different, crisp and smoky.

4. The leaves will be pretty and I think, I think, we have a maple tree in our front yard. I’m crossing my fingers that it will transform into a red-robed beauty. I’m not very good at recognizing trees, but they look like maple leaves to me.

5. Preparations for Halloween begin. Halloween is such a wonderful event. I’m not one for dressing up or such, but I love helping the girls find costumes and going with them door to door in the chilly air. And then we sort the candy and they give me the ones they don’t like. Yippee! I get all the Mounds bars, and all DramaQueen’s Snickers and Baby Ruths. If I was nice I would give them to Firecracker—but, heh—she’s got her own pumpkin full.

Bonus: Give us your favorite activity that is made possible by the arrival of fall.

I can enjoy the outdoors again. Just simple things, like walking to my parked car and it’s cool inside. Going for a walk without feeling like the sky has dropped down and wrapped around me like a woolly blanket. Or being able to take the kids to the playground in the middle of the day.


  1. I'm ready for the cool of fall (wait that happens in winter here)... when I can actually get in the car and not be dying for the a/c!

    Sign off on everything they do at school? Something's wrong with that picture....

  2. Me, too...on the cool of fall!

    Happy painting!

  3. Your kids give you the good candy! If you get too much, I'll help you with it.

    And it's really easy to tell if it's a maple tree. You knock on the trunk and ask "Yo! Mrs. Butterworth! Y'all home?" If she answers, it's not maple (cause M.Butterworth sure isn't!)

  4. PK: yes, there are behavior sheets to sign and the homework page in her "agenda" (I kid you not their agenda this year has a whole section on What Matters Most by whoever invented that)and the reading log. Firecracker has only one sheet to sign off on so far.

    Mary Beth: But will I actually be able to choose a color, that's the question.

    Pres Gal: You crack me up. I made us use real maple syrup until I decided the kids didn't give a crap and they would practically swim in the expensive stuff. Now I sheepishly admit that I have come to like Mrs Butterworth's butter flavored. Oh, how my standards have dropped.