Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've started this stupid post half a dozen times now. There's no flow.

Firecracker's surger is set for February 8 and that just sucks. February 9 is her birthday. How am I going to explain surgery to her? How am I going to handle watching her handle it? Sometimes I just want to kick God's shins.


  1. When my youngest son was three he woke in the middle of the night gasping for air. I took him to the hospital and they thought he might have swallowed a marble. We were sent by ambulance to Yale New Haven Hosp where they took new x-rays and said he needed immediate surgery. I had to carry him into the operating room and then waited hours in the middle of the night. It proved to be a relatively minor thing, but I was totally traumatized. He was fine the next day even though he had to be in the hospital for a week.
    He took it all better than I did. Firecracker will probably deal with this better than you. The situation sucks but you will all get through it. I am sure God's shins get bruised regularly. :)

  2. Putting that date on my calendar right now. Know that I've been praying for y'all. Kick away and the rest of us will do the heavy lifting.

  3. I just heard from Jeff. Words fail me and I feel like kicking God's shins too. (Makes you feel better doesn't it?)

    Can you tell Jeff I cannot access the new site because I don't have a US Zip Code - I expect any old one would do -

    anyway I'll be praying for little Firecracker - what a rotten birthday present. Maybe she's well enough to have a birthday treat BEFORE :) I loved that!!!

    hugs to you all. I don't know if you can explain surgery really - but I guess it's in the terms of the doctors will try to help you get better. which is what they've been doing all along.

    Hoping and praying that 2008 is a turnaround year for you. God knows it's overdue!

    love and blessings xx

  4. Some days the words just don't come. You just have to go with the flow.

    I love the name of your blog. Reading all of Gail friend's blogs. She is such a wonderful person.


  5. Lord have mercy!

    Will be praying for Firecracker.

  6. Let me kick them for you. You don't need any bruised toes.