Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adventures in Brain Surgery

Today we met with the head of the epilepsy center at Scottish Rite to hear in person what he had already told us by phone—that he recommends that Firecracker have brain surgery to remove one of the tubers that seems to be the source of much of the seizure activity. He thinks the data show that she will greatly benefit from its removal.

I still can’t get my head around it. Here is a doctor talking in the most matter-of-fact (though friendly) way about opening up my kid’s head and taking something out. Actually, opening up her head TWICE. First to insert a sheet of electrodes to map the problem section and then to do the actual surgery. Poor Firecracker will be stuck in bed with wires coming out of her skull. For a week.

To top everything off, I nicked someone’s bumper in the parking lot. I’m beginning to wonder if I have my own personal demon rushing before me to prepare catastrophes and mishaps.

Well at least I have the season premier of Boston Legal to look forward to.


  1. Yes, this is every mother's nightmare. It may also be the answer to your child's dreams so hang on and trust God. He's giving you options for a reason, no?

  2. Well there are 2 of us in Missouri praying for you......praying becky

  3. I've got a friend with connections to the Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas...those people do great work. I know Firecracker is in good hands...the docs and God's. Hang in there, baby. How about a glass of Chambord?

    Love you.

  4. Lorraine, I may need the hard stuff. Bring on the bourbon.

    Jules, Becky, and Lorraine: Thank you for your prayers. And I know many others who visit are also praying. Thank you all.

  5. Neat, please. A mojito would also work well.

  6. Praying for the demons to be repelled by the light ! :)