Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stopping by to chat

I’ve been too busy at work and too annoyed with my computer at home to blog. And I just got the new Harry Potter book, so you may not hear from me at all until that’s done.

Last weekend we went to Savannah. I grew up in Georgia, but I had never seen Savannah. I thought this needed to be rectified. Now I’ve decided that we should pack up and move there.

It’s so durn pretty, and there’s a beach that isn’t wall to wall hotels and beautiful renovated Victorian houses and the streets are laid out around squares. The old town is prettiest, of course. Like everywhere else the suburbs are bloated with new developments, Wal-Marts and B&Ns and such. But it was still a blast. I particularly enjoyed the beach, and I’m not a beach person. We were lucky to have mild weather and to get there before the crowds. Tybee Island is very low key and there are no high-rises—-just ramshackle little bungalows. I’m not a fan of the Atlantic, but I got past comparing it with the sugary sand and clear blue water of the Gulf.

That was one of the high points. The other is that Dear Husband’s immune system appears to have righted itself. The doctor thinks that once he started the gluten free diet, it took the stress off his T cells or whatever they are.

My doc put me on a bit of Prozac to drag me out of the pit. It is making me very very hungry. The kind of hungry that's right next door to nausea. Next week Firecracker goes into the hospital for a video EEG. We have to decrease her meds so that she’ll have lots of seizures for the doctors. I am not looking forward to that.

I recently looked at our budget and discovered that we spent $800 on medical expenses last month. Ouch.


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  2. Whoa, that was an elevator ride. First I’m dreaming of beautiful southern Gone with the Wind beaches and town squares and then T cells.

    Here’s pray’in for health and happiness.

  3. I've never been to Savannah but it sounds like heaven. And I'm very glad that DH is feeling better; that's a good thing in the midst, eh? I'll keep Firecracker in my prayers.

  4. Savannah sounds great. I like the way cities can have distinctive characters.

  5. I went to school in parents and grandparents were from there and we lived across the border. It's a really lovely city. I have many happy memories. And Tybee is a funky little beach community.

    So glad your husband's health has turned around.

  6. Thinking about you. I hope the testing is going well...

  7. did you enjoy HP 7
    I'm not sure myself ... a bit of an anti climax /Hollywood ending maybe