Saturday, March 03, 2007

3 biopsies, 2 ultrasounds, and 1 MRI

So, what had seemed like a simple matter keeps expanding into new territory. The surgeon I've consulted is not happy with all the calcifications in my right breast. She's worried that more atypical ductal hyperplasia is hiding out. An MRI did not help clarify the matter, but it did "light up" on the left breast, so now I have to have a biopsy on that side, too. And since the area in question doesn't show up on mammograms or ultrasounds, I'll have to have an MRI guided biopsy. So, I get to lie in a tube, with an IV and earplugs and a headset while the biopsy is performed. Maybe they'll be nice and remove the headset. Meanwhile I've had a second biopsy on the right side, to see if other tissue is affected. The doctor is sending off everything for a second opinion, because, as she says, "It's complicated."

Besides my own journey through the local hospital, Firecracker has been having more seizures, so her neurologist will be sending her to the hospital for a special EEG, one that will last from 3 to 5 days. They'll reduce her meds to induce seizures so that they can figure out what part of the brain is producing them. And at some point they'll whisk her off post seizure, sedate her, and do an MRI of her brain. That means that she won't be able to eat or drink anything. And, of course, she will have to remain in bed the entire time. And they will be videotaping her as well. This is happening in late April, unless we get to the top of the cancellation list. How do I amuse a bed-ridden but energetic 5 year old for 3 or more days, particularly when she can't eat or drink? I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


  1. I stopped to pray for you right now. And for Firecracker. I will remember to do so each time I come by here.

  2. Yikes, Bad Alice! You and Firecracker are both in my prayers!

  3. Oh my. That all sounds overwhelming. I hope all the tests return conclusive and reassuring results.

  4. Prayers ascending. I'm in the midst of my own GYN woes, so I know what a headache the tests and exams and equivocations can be.

  5. That was MY floor at Scottish Rite and I'm sure you will be staying in one of MY old rooms. The child life people will keep you supplied with lots and lots of stuff to help you keep her occupied.

    You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs to you both.