Friday, December 15, 2006

Dentist from Hell

So before Thanksgiving part of a filling fell out. I visited my dentist, who thought I might need a crown (they all seem to think I need a crown—are crowns the greatest money-making venture or what?) and couldn’t see me for the work until January. I had visions of a massive toothache happening around Christmas when absolutely no one would be available to help me. I went through the process with my HMO of switching dentists to get this seen to. I ended up with Freak Dentist from Hell. All seemed well at first. Hygienist was nice, dentist was pleasant and told me that I needed a filling and not a crown. He gave me a shot of Novocain and came back in a bit and started drilling. Youch! “Oh, I’m almost done.” Owie Owie Owie. “Just a bit more” Cringe Ow. Finally he gave up and shoved a couple more shots of Novocain in my mouth, not very gently, by which time I was in tears. He told me that next time I should have nitrous oxide since I was so tense. I ask you. I do not generally have problems with dentists. I’m not someone who quails in terror at dental work. But this dentist made me cry. And he gave me so much Novocain the second round that I almost couldn’t swallow. Meanwhile he bustled off to take care of I don’t know how many patients. Thank God I was truly numb when he started again. Now the nerve for that tooth is jangly and irritated, and no doubt it will be sensitive for a while. The dentist never apologized and barely managed to say goodbye before he was off to the next patient.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry you had that horrible experience. I pray you get your old dentist back (was a gentler soul, right?) and never see Freakoid DDS again. My dentist explains every step of the procedure and is very gentle...will ask if I'm comfortable and I appreciate her sensitivity.
    Hope you experience kinder care in the year ahead.

  2. Drop. Him. Now.

    What a terrible experience!

    That guy definitely does not deserve your money.

    I pray your tooth feels better soon, too.

    PS: Love the little dreidel story!

  3. That is just awful!

    I think the New Year might entail a new dentist.

    I'll pray your tooth feels better soon, too.

  4. actually, this posting made me want to run screaming from the room....

  5. Oowwww. That sounds awful. I hope you can go back to your old dentist!