Saturday, September 16, 2006

So the drama

We've had some rainy days this past week. As you know, on rainy days children are tightly wound. Those are the days I bring the girls home and they decide to see what happens if they leap of the back of the sofa onto the cats, or chase each other around the house until someone cries.

The other day I picked up the girls at daycare and we were driving home through the rain. I was teasing Firecracker because she wanted to play on the slide, even in the rain. "It's not FAIR!"--the universal cry of childhood.

DramaQueen chimed in: "All our plans are CRUSHED!"


  1. Oh. The drama. I shall repair to my fainting couch.

  2. I say get them dressed in their wellies and rain coats and send 'em down the slide. Have a big pot of hot chocolate and an empty laundry basket waiting by the door when they come in.

  3. yeah Rachel .. but there's rain and rain :)

  4. Tragedy... life can be sooo hard at times!!!