Friday, September 01, 2006

Firecracker Update

Well, we are no closer to understanding whatever was or is wrong with Firecracker. Things have been better the past few days, either from the laxative or the fact that I keep food in her stomach at all times, not sure which. Now I have time to worry about broncho pulmonary dysplasia as we approach the season of respiratory infections. Yea me. We are supposed to visit my dad this weekend. He is not the greatest housekeeper. Well, he's lousy. Brother 2 isn't much better, because he lives in my grandparents' old home, which is slowly sinking back into the land, taking the carpet as old as me with it. Of course, many of the structures in Alabama look as if they are sinking back into the land. It is a very Faulkneresque place. In fact I'm convinced it is more Faulkneresque than Mississippi, and that Faulkner may have used some of my ancestors as models for the characters in As I Lay Dying.

I'm hoping that Brother 3 will also be visiting, so that we young folks can escape to Brother 2's girlfriend's house, which is a sanctuary of cleanliness, and I can listen to my brothers play guitar and fiddle. Brother 3 surprised the heck out of me by picking up the fiddle on our last visit. I had no idea he could play, and apparantly neither did he. He's one of those people who just pick it up and start noodling about.

Brother 2 and Brother 3 are the ones I see most often, which isn't often enough. They grew up in the 50s and I grew up in the 70s, so there's a big generaton gap. Brother 3 is like the White Rabbit--he keeps up a constant internal and sometime external monologue of worry. He works at the CDC and has a passion for China. Brother 2 has a lovely "southern gentleman" voice. He's into bluegrass and folk music and feels utterly out of place in rural Alabama, except that he would never be comfortable in any other landscape. His favorite author is Mark Twain, and I think they would have got on just fine. He has a radical streak, too. He once told me he thought that the redistribution of wealth was a fine idea, not a particularly common idea in rural Alabama.

Hope everyone has a peaceful Labor Day weekend. Get some sleep.


  1. Golly, you have been through a lot!! Praying for Firecracker & you. Hope the time away helps.

  2. Praying for fire cracker too. I wish you a happy, healthy labor day weekend.

  3. Not much consolation, but reading about Firecracker's troubles reminded me that TeenWonder had a very similar episode when he was slightly older (about 7 iirc)- violent stomach pains which had me repeatedly packing an overnight bag in case he was detained in hospital etc etc.
    No clue, ever, as to what had caused them and after a very long week or so they just stopped. Like that. Never to return, thank the Lord.
    Hope it's the same for Firecracker.

  4. I prayed for Firecracker this morning. Will continue.

    I found your musings on the Faulkneresque -ness of your family to be very interesting. You seem very well in touch with where you've come from and who you are now. Integrated, if you know what I mean by that. Anyway, a fascinating little peak into your world. Thanks.

    Peace to you and all of yours this day

  5. Love the observations about your family. Will also continuing praying for Firecracker. Poor thing.