Friday, July 07, 2006

Bits and Bobs

What's Good:
  1. I don't feel like crap.
  2. Today is not hot and sticky as a sauna.
  3. The warranty covered the new airconditioner for my car.
  4. I'm reading a Jane Austen murder mystery.
  5. I have the new Brian McLaren book through interlibrary loan.
  6. We have not overdrawn our account.
  7. I bought new yarn and needles to start my first real knitting project.

What's Middling:
  1. My spiritual life.
  2. The office website, which I think needs professional help.
  3. I will never, ever, understand CSS. Or JavaScript.
  4. I wish I had paid more attention when my mom was teaching me embroidery.
  5. I want the girls to have dance or tumbling classes but I don't know if we can afford it for two.

What's Bad

  1. My attention span.
  2. My temper.
  3. My closet.
  4. The drawers in the bathroom.


  1. This post totally make me think of Lou Reed's "What's Good":
    What's good ?
    Life's good -
    But not fair at all.

  2. Jane Austen was murdered? Oh, wait . . .

  3. I really like reading your blogs bad alice. You are such a real bird. I like that.

  4. Hey everybody, the drawers in the bathroom can now be moved up to What's Good, because I cleaned them out.

    Scriv: musicians always get to the truth of the matter, don't they?

    Curious Servant: I plan to knit a scarf. A nice long uncomplicated scarf. Eventually.

    Wandi: Sometimes I feel a little too real. I could use some delusion.