Friday, January 25, 2008


There have been a lot of visits to Firecracker's Caringbridge page recently. Dear Husband alerted me to the sudden boost in traffic, and I know that many of you RevGals have been there to visit. Thank you so much for your prayers. I've been amazed at the love shown to us.

My posting has been sluggish. I suppose I've lost some of the fun of it. My energy has flagged. I've exhausted much of my good humor.

Certainly not everything has been dreary--not by a long shot. Christmas was wonderful. DramaQueen had a lovely birthday party, and a friend and I are planning a pirate party for Firecracker--there will even be a treasure hunt. It snowed one day and we all went outside and had a snowball fight. That was one of the best days, one of the most purely happy days I've known of late. My friend is also organizing a logistical chart to coordinate help during Firecracker's hospital stay, as well as rounding up my coworkers to make posters and create fun diversions for her.

I'm home sick today. That gives me the chance to rest in more ways than one. Last night I woke up terribly frightened. I wasn't awake enough to sort out what I was afraid of, but my muscles were tensed and my heart racing. I need a rest from such moments. I need a rest from trying hard to focus and concentrate. No wonder I caught the flu or whatever it is. My brain has worn itself out. So I'm grateful even to be sick right now, because I can rest and just look out at the sunshine from the sanctuarly of my bed.

Thanks again, everyone.


  1. You must be totally exhausted emotionally! I keep praying for you all.

  2. write when you want to - and what you want to. We won't run away :) and it should be FUN for you - not yet another chore.

    hugs and heaps of blessings!