Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Endocrinologist

I understand that we were supposed to visit you 6 months ago; however, it proved extremely difficult to juggle our various priorities and medical concerns. 2007 was hell. We went through breast cancer, mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, a week-long in hospital video EEG, immune disorders, a diagnosis for our child that threw us for a loop, reconstructive surgery, and did I mention more reconstructive surgery? And 2008 isn’t looking so great, either. Today I am using my non-existent sick leave to visit you, prior to the non-existent sick leave I will have to take for my daughter’s week-long surgery, for which I will receive no salary, much as we need the salary to cover deductibles, co-pays for doctors and specialists such as yourself, and the $1000 a year in meds that we require.

So, amaze me. Pull out all the stops. Demonstrate all you know about the connection between the endocrine system and tuberous sclerosis. Order some more tests. Examine my daughter from head do toe. Because I better be here for more than you glancing at my daughter for a few minutes and handing me a prescription.

Very ticked off mother

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